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WDC Affecting SFC /SCANNOW Results?


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Hello all,

Just consider this an FYI; however, if the admins feel any corrective action might be appropriate, then please have at it! Anyway, I just did a clean install of Window 7 SP1 and applied all Windows Updates to current. Once done, I immediately made the following adjustments:
Removed (e.g., unticked) the following Win 7 features:
Internet Explorer 8
Media Features (all)
Windows Gadget Platform
I aslo removed all unnecessary options (as advised by WDC) which primarily included additional languages and sample pictures, music, and videos.
So, after all of the above was completed, I decided to run sfc /scannow and the results were very specific about finding uncorrectable errors in the language and samples areas and those areas are exactly where the WDC optional removals reside.


In summary, I can see where this might cause an issue for those who use and rely on scf /scannow for troublrshooting purposes; however, for me, it is not an issue and I have no desire to take any corrective action myself. Also, I have attached a dump of my sfc scan results for your review and consideration, just in case the admins feel some corrective action might be warrranted at this point. I am currently using WDC 7.89.520. Thanks and good luck to all!




UPDATE: I forgot to mention how much I enjoy using all of your products so thank you for making them available! 




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Additional information for your consideration:


So, after running sfc /scannow, and leaving the uncorrectable errors untouched, I ran WDC again, and it appears the language options have reappeared as optional removals again. Not sure how or why but FYI:


Screenshot attached:


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OK, I figured it all out (I think). So in summary:


All the sample removals were caused by me turning off Win 7 Media Features. Apparently SFC expects all default features to be enabled.


The SFC language errors were caused by WDC's optionally executed removal; however, SFC did restore their availability after the first run.


FYI, I have attached the second SFC error log to substantiate the above.


Thank you,




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A 2nd test:


1. Did a clean install of Win 7 Home Premium with all options left at defaults.

2. Ran WDC and it does show both the language and sample options available for removal (see attached):

3. Closed WDC (without removing anything) and deleted all sample folders manually.

4. Ran SFC /SCANNOW and no errors were reported.

5. Ran WDC again and it still showed all samples available for removal (along with languages).


My conclusion:


If I attempt any of the language or sample removal options (offered by WDC), SFC might fail again so I'm leaving them "as is."


Just some more food for thought when developing the next WDC release.






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