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Problem Starting PC from Scratch

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Whevenever I boot up my Windows 7 laptop, I get a black screen with a message that refers to booting up from some drive -- instead of going into starting Windows 7!


The only way that I can get my computer to boot up is to push F4 to initiate the Samsung Recovery Software program and start with a Basic Restore, which takes up to 2 minutes.


How can I get to the root of my problem, which is the booting startup sequence?

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Whenever I reboot my laptop, or start it afresh, I get this message on a black screen...

Boot From AHCI CD-ROM :

And, then I have to stop my computer, restart it & push F4 to start Samsung Restore &

choose BASIC RESTORE -- which gets me into Windows...

How do I fix this problem, once & for all time?

Rev. Gordon Zeller, MDiv


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Modify the settings of BIOS can solve this problem.

1, Press power button to start,  press F2 into BIOS configuration. (I don't know your laptop models, usually is F2, maybe Delete key)

2, Select Boot----Boot Device Priority, press Enter, then you can select boot device AHCI HDD, press F6 change its value=1


3, Save and exit

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