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I am not sure of the benefits of erasing the Free Space.


In Privacy Potector/Disk Eraser I notice in the Index of Help that this erases deleted files but does not mention that it also erases Temp. Files and erases the Free Space as well.


I would like to know when erasing the Free Space if the screen saver will interfere with the action of doing so if it comes on.

I did this yesterday and it took over two hours. I did not enable the screen saver just in case.


I would also like to know if I Stop the operation then restart it again later or the next day if the Free Space that it erased will be erased or if it will start all over again from the begining because it was stopped.


It would be very helpful is this information was added in the Index of Help.

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Hi Goat!




1. Normally the screen savers wont interfere with erasing process.


2. Yes, it will start all over again for security reasons.



Your suggestion of adding the info to help doc is great! It will be improved then. Thanks.

Thank you I appreciate your reply.

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