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  1. Hello, yes for sure, I am new also and agree with you that Wise Care 365 Pro is the best program and I have leaned much from looking at the forums. It's nice to see other peoples opinions and like the fact that they are monitored by WiseCleaners staff and that they reply/respond to our questions and concerns.
  2. Hello, the more I search and read the more confused I am also. I find it a challenge in my old age but it depleted the dopamine level in my brain. Am not sure either if the free version matters to your original question. I have read many blogs where some say to disable a certain program then someone else will reply not too. Yes, confusing for sure. Guess it's a matter of trial and error as in my System Configuration the instructions say "to identify the startup item that is causing a problem to Disable all then select the check box for the first service that is listed then restart the compu
  3. Hello Wiseuser, your posting prompted me to check the recommendations for my computer (Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit) which I found in System Configuration. I did not know about this until I read your posting. On the General tab I chose Normal Startup which loads all device drivers and services. The Service tab shows me which programs are running or stopped. I had quite a few that show stopped but are not causing me any problems. The instructions on my computer's Help and Support page have a Note saying "System Configuration is intended to find and isolate problems but is not meant as a star
  4. Thank you I appreciate your reply.
  5. Yes, very easy as I did this when upgraded from free to pro.
  6. Keeping computer healthy

  7. I have version 2.46.194 (latest version) of Wise Cleaner Pro and also noticed that Quick Optimization is not available. Since it only defragments small files only perhaps it's not worth it? Since Full Optimization does "all files" wouldn't it be better to use this instead? Just asking as I'm not sure.
  8. I am not sure of the benefits of erasing the Free Space. In Privacy Potector/Disk Eraser I notice in the Index of Help that this erases deleted files but does not mention that it also erases Temp. Files and erases the Free Space as well. I would like to know when erasing the Free Space if the screen saver will interfere with the action of doing so if it comes on. I did this yesterday and it took over two hours. I did not enable the screen saver just in case. I would also like to know if I Stop the operation then restart it again later or the next day if the Free Space that it eras
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