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Hi maria! :)


Have you already tried the proposed solution for your problem in wise PC 1st aid?

If yes, but your Personal Computer is still slow, try:

1) download the following programs; installation is not required, since they are portable!

    - adwcleaner (click)

    (The following ones are "zipped": you should just unzip them and they are ready!):

    - Wise registry cleaner 7.88 portable: http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/wiseregistry/dlwiseregistry.html

    - Wise disk cleaner 7.96 portable: http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/wisediskcleaner/dlwisediskcleaner.html

    - Wise program uninstaller 1.57 portable: http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/wiseuninstaller/dlwiseuninstaller.html

2) Click adwcleaner and do a scan, check the results and send them us (and/or clean them).

3) Start wise program uninstaller (WPU):

    - Check, in the list that appears, if you could uninstall some programs that you have installed some times ago but that you don't use at all.

    - Don't uninstall programs if you are unsure (to make disasters)!!! [;)]

    - Close the program

4) Start wise disk cleaner (WDC):

    - Click select all (bottom-left corner)

    - If you are saving passwords in your browser(s), check the entry surf the internet: untick IE saved passwords, untick mozilla saved passwords, untick [your-browser] saved passwords

    Otherwise you could leave them ticked!

    - Click start scan (bottom-right, green button)

    - Check the results and untick the ones that are not safe to delete in your opinion

    - Click start cleaning (bottom-right, green button)

    - Leave opened the program

5) Windows start, all programs, accessories, open command prompt - elevated privileges needed, from windows vista and later OS:

    - Inside the black screen that appears write (or, better, copy-paste the following):

    cleanmgr /sageset:65535 && cleanmgr /sagerun:65535

    - Select/tick every option that appears, click ok, wait until it finishes

6) Start wise registry cleaner (WRC):

    - Click backup (at top), click create a full registry backup, wait until it finishes and later click ok

    - Click custom area (bottom-left corner), click select all, click ok

    - Click start scan (up-right corner, green button), wait until it finishes

    - Check the results and untick the ones that are not safe to delete in your opinion

    - Click start cleaning (up-right corner, green button)

    - Click system tuneup tab (near registry cleaner, top-left corner)

    - Click select all (bottom-left corner)

    - Click optimize (up-right corner, green button)

    - Close the program

7) Come back to wise disk cleaner:

    - Click defrag tab (at top)

    - Select only the system drive, deselect the other drives

    - Click defragment (bottom-right corner, green button)

    - Wait until it finishes (it could be some half hours, or hours!!!)

    Alternatively, you could use windows defrag (right click your system hard drive, properties, tools, defragment now)

8) Open your windows task manager, click the startup tab, disable non-essential things

9) Open msconfig.exe, click services tab, tick Hide All Microsoft Services, check carefully which services you can disable

10) Start wise registry cleaner (WRC):

    - Click registry defrag tab (near system tuneup, top-left corner)

    - Click analyse (top-right corner, green button)

    - Save your data in every other opened program and close everything (but neither windows, nor WRC!!!)

    - Click WRC's defragment button (top-right button, colored in green) and your pc will be restarted

11) Hopefully, you should have solved your problem!!!


Looking forward for your kind feedback!

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