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Where does wise reminder keep data on the computer?

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Dear user, 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Wise Reminder does not save files or folders. Do you mean you cannot access Wise Reminder or anything? If there are any prompts, please send us a screenshot. 

Herhangi bir rahatsızlık verdiysem üzgünüm. Wise Reminder dosya veya klasörleri kaydetmez. Wise Reminder'a veya herhangi bir şeye erişemeyeceğinizi mi kastediyorsunuz? Herhangi bir istem varsa, lütfen bize bir ekran görüntüsü gönderin.

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Where can I find the data, that is, the reminders, that I have previously saved in Wise Reminder, on the C drive of the computer again? Or after we write a reminder in Wise Reminder, we save it, confirm it, and it reminds us. I need to know where that data is kept, so I can take a backup and restore it again. Does Wisa Reminder keep these reminders as data on the computer? If so, how can I make a backup of it?
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