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Windows 11 and system reboots by it self every hour or so

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I had a n issue of automatically reboot after hanging in windows 10 , so I upgraded to windows 11 

The problem still occurring 

I found wisecleaner and hope to be able to overcome this issue as it is extremely annoying when doing a zoom meeting , or watching youtube... 

I hope to find a solution with you guys! 

I reset my lap top twice ...

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It may be caused by software, and hardware.


1. Check the system settings.

Press Win + i to open System Settings, then click System - About - Advanced system settings

In the opened System Properties window, find Startup and Recovery then click Settings.

In Startup and Recovery window, find System failure, and check if the option "Automatically restart" is selected.

2. Check scheduled tasks

Press Win + s to open the search window, type "task scheduler", then check if there is a scheduled task that will reboot the system automatically.

3. Check the installed applications



Unstable voltage, power supply problem, or high CPU temperature, or even bad sectors on the disk, may cause the system to restart automatically

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