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Frustrated as can be!! Ready to toss it!!


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Bought paid version of Wise 365. Couldn't get Wise Memory Optimizer to work. Reinstalled the whole program. It still doesn't work. There are no instructions on what to do. I infer from various headlines and titles on the Wise website that this app is no longer "defaulted" in the program, that it has to be downloaded separately.


Went to webpage where Wise has all the download titles. Found Memory Optimizer and clicked; was redirected to CNET download. As soon as it began to download, Norton360 warned me this was not a trusted program. I directed Norton to permit the download and proceeded with installation, three times.  The application still does not work, either within the WiseCare 365 program, or as a stand-alone.


I have not gotten anything but denials from Wise about this program's possible infections. On three previous occasions Norton360 has warned me that the WiseCare program generated all sorts of red flags. Wise denied any problems and suggested their programs and applications were clean.


Can YOU help me? Today, my WiseCare program works ok, but I still can't get the memory optimizer to work.


Also, while I've got your ear, (eye), what's a "big file manager?"  The title implies what it is, but are these files unnecessary on my computer? Is it safe to discard them? Again, the app showed up in a recent reinstall, with no directions as to what it is, or how to use it.


THANK YOU for any assistance you can offer, including perhaps a name or email address where I can seek more responsible and informed information than the WiseCare customer service people.

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About Wise Memory Optimizer, we will give you a direct download link for you to download the latest version.Please try and kindly feed back. 





About "big file manager", Wise Care 365 will just scan the files with large size out, so you can choose to delete the unnecessary files or compress them to free up your disk space. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. 


Thanks for supporting our software.  :)

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Downloaded from site you offered. System downloaded as a zipped file.
I extracted the file, found the file in the folder where it was located,

and double-clicked on the application file and nothing happened. Did this
three times without any success; no error statements; nothing within
WC365; no response. Downloaded the file again with same results.


In all other respects, my computer works fine. I have been a daily computer

user since the mid 1980's.


Thank you, nevertheless, for your attempt to assist me with this matter. I would

respectfully ask that you escalate this issue to a higher authority or supervisor.

I look forward to receiving further communications from you, and will even offer

to permit you remote access to my computer so that you can see this for yourselves.

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I spoke too soon. Memory optimizer worked only once and then consistently failed. I did note, however, that it is listed among my startup programs, if that is any help to you.  Overall, this causes your product to be defective and you have really not provided any workable solutions. When can I expect either a responsible solution to the issue, or some degree of accountability? Even McDonald's Hamburgers is accountable for their service if it's too late!!  I ask this in all respect and courtesy. Thank you.

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