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[WFH] Romanian translation problem


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This row do not appear in English.lng so please add it.
Please close all the files/folders opened and then close the program to make sure all the files/folders temporary opened can be re-hidden. 
Romanian translate: 
Vă rugăm închideți fișierele/folderele deschise și apoi închideți programul pentru a ne asigura că fișierele/folderele deschise temporar  pot fi din nou ascunse.



So after you add this row to English ... please add translation to romanian.


Example:  FrmChangePass.caption=Change Password

so before equal it is something... so add it


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Hi StefZZZ,


Thx for your message.


We are analyzing the situation.

Would you plz tell us from where you saw the notice?

And what's the version plz?


Thanks in advance.

To the latest vesion ... (Soft Version: 1.38)


the message appear in english but not appear in English.ini ..so i can not traslate it


WFH lang.wmv

a short video to understand clearly

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