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  1. I already had that option set to "Never" check for updates. I downgraded WRC to version 10, and that works fine.
  2. I installed version 11 a couple of days ago ( But it doesn't run now. Clicking on the icon, or even double-clicking directly on the program in Program Files (x86), does nothing. If I run it as administrator, my AVG antivirus flags it: If I understand that correctly, it means it tries to connect to the URL when running the program, and the URL is causing a problem. The only way it runs is to disable AVG temporarily. I sent it to AVG as a false positive, but they haven't responded yet. It still won't run under normal circumstances. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. That took a bit of work, finding all the entries in Errorlog.txt. But I managed to get them all in the Ignore list. That seemed to work.
  4. This is the problem though. When I scan the second time, there are never any items that show up. It says the registry is already clean. So your suggestion above does not tell me what failed.
  5. I have been using the free version of WRC for quite some time. I run the Deep Scan every day, with all options checked in the Custom Area. Until recently all went smoothly. A few weeks ago, it would try to clean the registry but started showing a message that said that it failed to remove 2 or 3 problems. After a few days of that it started saying it failed to remove 6 problems. Later it went to 10 problems, and for about the last week it says "Failed to remove 12 problems." But each time it doesn't tell me which problems it could not resolve. If I run the scan a second time it says there's nothing to clean. I get the same scenario every day, with no other explanation. Is this normal? Anything to worry about?
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