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  1. Which screenshort, of v10.13? I install it again but screenshort is the same as for 9.79 with difference when I try to choose the disk there is no reaction of the screen but when I press the botton Scan the soft says - Please, choose the disks:
  2. Thank you. I downloaded and installed Version 9.79 and now i works as I need. However, it means that now I need to reject suggestion to install newer version, don' me?
  3. Now I use release now but newer is not offered when I start the WDC.
  4. Thd version of the Cleaner is X. I have two logical disks, C and D but the Cleaner does not list them. The Cleaner writes - Choose hard disk, I click but no results.
  5. Hello, Already a month I cannot choose the local disks for Adavanced Clearning. The WDC writes Choose local disks but they are not listed and klicking on does not show local disks (C: and D:) available. Recently it worked properly.
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