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  1. Your system is running slow due to following reason which is given below Your computer is too old May be your hardware is damaged Degradation of processor speed Your CPU is over heating Your Hard drive is Degrade Your Run Registry is Full Your Window is outdated Malware,trojan or virus issue Your Hard drive is full Number of Temp file increase You are not Reboot your system This issue can be resolve easily you just need the following steps if your system is too much old than replace (more than7 year) and take backup of your data sometime your hard drive is damage because the disc is degrade and get scratch which effect your computer speed simply you have to switch to solid state hard drive and take the back up of your old drive this will automatically increase your computer speed You can increase processor speed with two methods 1) By over clocking 2) By upgrading your processor you can use Ac in you system room which will reduce overheating of your processor and Enhance your computer speed clean your Run registry space you can use anti virus to scan your system this will help you to detect any virus in your system and enhance the efficiency of your system Free space from your hard drive so that the speed of your system increases Delete some temp file from your system Reboot your system time to time
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