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  1. Sometimes charge gets stored in capacitors that affect power follow. So try these steps it might help you. First, you need to switch off your laptop and remove your battery. Unplug the power cable as well. Now press the power button and keep it pressed for 10-15sec. Now attach your battery and connect your laptop to your charge and see your problem must be resolved.
  2. What do you mean by "I can't display any programmes", have you installed them properly or their some issue with your monitor.
  3. Uninstall the chrome and clean chrome data from C drive and then reinstall it. I think it will work. But still, if you were unable to fix the problem then watch this video , it can really help you.
  4. All the previous version of Outlook 2012 are slow by their nature. But they are more slowed by other third party tools which affect its functionality. Try uninstalling unwanted software from your system and keep your C drive clean and have good free space in your windows drive.
  5. 1. Limit startup processes A lot of programs install side processes that run every time you turn on your PC, and some of them are not required all the time, so it's better to limit them. Via task manager, you can disable them easily. 2. Uninstall Crapware There are some preinstalled software installed by PC makers continues to be an issue with new computers. Uninstall the unwanted software that you are not using anymore. 3. Clean Up Your Disk Regularly clean up your drives as they store temporary files, recycle din data, offline Web pages, delivery optimization files, and thumbnails. 4. Add More RAM more memory is always a way to speed up PC operations especially when you are using gaming and business laptops. 5. Install an SSD Startup Drive. This past year, I installed a solid-state (SSD) startup drive on my home desktop PC, and the result was a remarkable speedup. And not just for Windows startup, but for loading and using demanding applications such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. If you use a laptop, this may also be an option. 6. Check for Viruses and Malware You can run the built-in Windows Defender or a third-party app to do this, but you're best served by PCMag security guru Neil Rubenking's top pick among malware-cleanup programs, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware—it's free! But don't forget to use ongoing anti-malware protection, too
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