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  1. On one of my Win10 x64 laptops I have two Microsoft/ Windows user accounts: an Admin account of myself and a non-admin account of my wife. I have installed WAM on my admin account. After startup the WAT program is loaded in the background and the WAM/ WAT icon shows up in the system tray. Sofar, so good. After switching to the other (non-admin) account, the WAT program has not been loaded and the WAM/ WAT icon is not visible in the system tray. ​Rebooting and login directly with the non-admin account has the same result: WAT program not loaded in the background. Because the program is still in the beta phase, I am not going to experiment yet with the account of my wife. A possible solution I could think of is to install the WAM program twice; 1st time on the admin account and the 2nd time on the non-admin account?
  2. Installed WAM update on my 3 Win 10 machines. Updating on one laptop and tablet went text book. On the 2nd laptop after installation and reboot, 3-4 yellow warning messages appeared all to do with loading std Windows files. Re-installed WAM again and rebooted and this time went text book. On all 3 machines WAM is working ok now.. rgds, Fred.
  3. Thanks for re-enabling my original account. After a succesfull Windows Update, it is recommended to delete the Win Update installation files, backup and temp files.which can take up a significant amount of disk space. Windows Clean Mgr has two operating modes. The normal operating mode does not scan for these Win Update files. However if Win Clean Mgr is executed as Administrator, it scans for and cleans these Win Update files also. I can imagine that this Win Update cleaning could be incorporated in WAM System Cleaner and performs this cleaning when you 'select all files' or manually tick this check box. However not a big deal, If not included in WAM I will use Win Clean Mgr for cleaning the files. rgds, Fred.
  4. Please note I re-registered because I was put accidentely ? on the black list. My last entry was 'burried' in between many spam entries. Possibly my name was 'batch' black listed. Original user name was zoeff50. Updated version beta on my 2 Win10 x64 laptops and Win10 x86 tablet. Rebooted and now the WiseAntiVir icon appears in the system tray of my 2 laptops also; my intial problem solved. I use WAM in combination with Windows 10 Defender and there is no conflict between these two programs . Real time protection of WAM works oke. Warning messages appear when installing new or updates of programs; allow or block. On both laptops there I have 2 user accounts. When switching account, I notice a longer response time because of high initial hard disk activity caused by Defender and WAM. After 30 sec the system comes back to rest and works as normal. System resources used by WAM are very low at real time protection. It is not fully clear to me if Wise Anti Malware should be used in combination with Defender or should be used standalone. Defender is not automatically disabled however by WAM installation as usually the case when installing another anti-virus/malware program/scanner. WAM works the same as Malwarebytes Anti Malware in this respect. To my knowledge Defender cannot be disabled when no other anti-virus/malware scanner is installed. Sofar happy with WAM. May be you can clarify more in detail the differences between WAM and Defender.
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