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  1. Hi, Yes, it appears you're right! I have installed v4.22 and the memory leak doesn't seem to be happening. Either I somehow managed to accidentally install an old version before, or some very specific circumstances happened in my case to lead to the problem. Regardless, it's working well now, if the issue recurs on my machine I will let you know. Thanks for the quick reply! SHU93129
  2. Hi, I believe Wise Folder Hider has a memory leak (the WiseFs64.sys driver)! See the very end of this post on SuperUser.com: https://superuser.com/a/949246. I have also experienced this issue personally, when Wise Folder Hider was installed my 16GB RAM was ~80% full at boot (Paged Pool of ~10GB). Indeed, as described in the post, uninstalling Wise Folder Hider returned my RAM use to normal (~15% at boot). I think this is a major bug. Hope you can fix this, as I otherwise really like the product! However, I don't think I'll be using it until this is resolved. Regards, SHU93129
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