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  1. Clean unwanted files form your Windows or use a disk cleaner so that you check regularly how much space is occupied.
  2. Right click on that item and then choose create shortcut and after that a dialogue box will appear, in that click browse and set desired location to desktop and then your shortcut will be created.
  3. There might be a problem from service provider, otherwise you have to change your antenna or maybe there is internet range issue at your place.
  4. Delete ask bar extension and reset your default page. After that your homepage will be google and ask bar will be removed permanently.
  5. Right click that item and choose delete and it will move to recyble bin. If you want to permanently remove an item press " shift + delete" , it will be removed permanently from your desktop.
  6. First check the kind of processor you are using and is it compatible to support more RAM. There are are two types RAM available DDR3 and DDR4, check which one your PC supports.After that you can upgrade your PC and also check whether your PC has two RAM slots or not.
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