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    Phyliciadut reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Meet our new product: Wise System Monitor Beta!   
    Dear users,
    We have just released a new product: Wise System Monitor Beta, a free and functional system monitoring tool. 
    As we all know, Once system resources reach full capacities, or the hardware components get too hot, full functionality cannot be guaranteed. It is more than necessary to monitor the real time system and hardware condition of our PC. 
    Wise System Monitor Beta offers you a simple way to achieve that. It enables you to monitor memory usage, CPU usage, all the processes running and main hardware component info of your PC. Since you know what is consuming your RAM and CPU, which part of your PC is overheated, you can deal with them accordingly to ensure your computer functionality. Click here for direct download: http://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WSMSetup.exe

    However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you!
    WiseCleaner Team
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    Phyliciadut reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Wise Registry Cleaner 8 beta is released   
    Dear users,
    Good news here!
    Wise Registry Cleaner 8.0 is released the Beta version. Try it now before its official release. 
    Click Here to try WRC 8.0
    You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified. 
    Thanks in advance!
    Hope you like it!
    Best Regards,
    WiseCleaner.com Team
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    Phyliciadut reacted to wisecleaner_admin in May weekend promotion - up to 70% discount   
    Dear friends,
    Have you been bothered by the following problems?
    1, Default browser be changed
    2, Unknown programs run with windows startup
    3, System boot up speed become slower and slower

    The newly added feature "System Protection" in Wise Care 365 v4 will
    help you out.
    It can protect your PC in real time so that any changes in your PC
    must get the permission from you.
    Want to know more about this computer bodyguard?
    Now we offer 50% discount for all WiseCleaner products!
    Only 48 hours! Don't miss it!
    Date: 2016/05/28 – 2016/05/29
    Store: http://www.wisecleaner.com/order.html
    Wise Care 365 Pro - PC Cleaning and Speed up Tool, Stabilize, Secure
    and Speed Up Your Windows PC with One Click!
    Wise Folder Hider Pro - Hide & Protect private files, photos, videos
    and other personal data from your PC.
    Wise Video Converter Pro - Convert all formats of videos with 1-Click
    or drag.
    Any further questions, please feel free to contact us!
    Best Regards,
    Wisecleaner.com Team
    Like us on Facebook & Twitter
    Technical Support: [email protected]

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    Phyliciadut reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Beta version of Wise Care 365 has been closed   
    Dear Users,
    Kindly inform you that we have released the newly upgraded official version 3 of Wise Care 365, while the Beta version of it has been closed. If you find other issues, please promote it in the module of Wise Care 365 instead of here.
    Frankly speaking, without your help, Wise Care 365 won’t be so perfect. So I would like to express my grateful to all of you. 
    As we promised, the reward for you who reported the error on Beta version will be announced in the following days.
    Please continue to keep an eye on the forums.
    Thanks again for your testing and advice!
    Best Regards,
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    Phyliciadut reacted to WiseCleaner in Wise Registry Cleaner updated to newest version-7.81.511   
    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for using Wise Registry Cleaner and your support to the product!

    We are keeping optimizing and adjusting new functions according to your ideas and suggestions!

    Now it’s time for the release of the newest version-7.81.511!

    What’s New:
    1, Scan added for Windows Services. 2, Language package updated. 3, Other minor improvement.  
    Get it now: http://www.wiseclean...m/download.html
    Add us to Friends on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wisecleanersoft
    Add us to Friends on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/wisecleaner
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