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    Bernard got a reaction from Config in Erasing Free Space   
    Thank you I appreciate your reply.
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    Bernard got a reaction from Config in how to upgrade Wise Care 365 to pro version   
    Yes, very easy as I did this when upgraded from free to pro.
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    Bernard reacted to Config in Why the “Start Clean” button of WRC does not work?   
    One frequently asked question from users:
    “I attempted to use the registry cleaner and it appeared to work fine in the analysis portion. However, it recommends a cleaning. '2 problems were found, and 2 were unsafe entries'. So I click on 'start clean' and nothing happens?? it just sits there.” 

    One possible solution: 
    1. In the result page, please notice the green square which is different from the green check mark .
    2. Please click at the little arrow at the left end of the green square, you may see that the yellow item is not ticked.
    3. Before you click "start clean", you have to tick them manually first if you want to clean them.
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    Bernard reacted to april in Do you know what does "run Wise turbo weekly" mean in the settings of Wise Care 365?   
    Wise Turbo is an intelligent tool which will inform you that there are some trash files need to be cleaned in your PC once a week.
    If the trash files in your PC is little, then the window below will not pop up.
    While if your PC has so much trash that will influence your PC performance,  then Wise Turbo will pop up from the right bottom corner of 
    the desktop to inform you to clean the trash files.   
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    Bernard reacted to Config in Erasing Free Space   
    Hi Goat!
    1. Normally the screen savers won’t interfere with erasing process.
    2. Yes, it will start all over again for security reasons.
    Your suggestion of adding the info to help doc is great! It will be improved then. Thanks.
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    Bernard reacted to jimeey in Do you know their difference in WDC?   
    It is useful although i don't understand clearly. But i can't find out "Quick Optimization" in the latest version of WDC & Wise365. Show me!
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