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  1. I have used both Windows and Wisecare disk optomizers without (I think) problems. What is interesting is Windows Search and PowerDesk Find had no problems finding directories or files on C. Evidently there WAS a problem with the disk layout if a CHKDSK fixed it. The log file only indicated a cleaning up of one file - "Cleaning up instance tags for file 0 x 5875c". No other errors or "cleaning up" in the log. So what ever the problem was it only affected JetSearch. (?)
  2. Did the following: 1. Uninstalled 2.26.131 via Windows Uninstall 2. Killed "Jet Search Helper" via Task Manager 3. Deleted the ProgramFiles(x86)Wise/WiseJetSearch directory 4. Installed 2.01 Results: Still does not search C: drive. I have other programs, e.g. Q-Dir, Power Desk, PureSync, and others that need to access files/directories that run without any problems. I will run ckdsk at next system restart. I have it scheduled. (Stay tuned). CKDSK ran after reboot - Reinstalled ver 2.26.131 and now JetSearch finds C: Drive. Log file attached. Apparently some cleanup was done, but don't see any errors in the log. Thank you Xilolee C_Users_Ed_Documents_chkdskLogConverted.xps.pdf
  3. Common Cleaner and System Slimming work, but Advanced Cleaner runs so fast (LESS than 1 second) without finding anything to remove. Privacy Eraser, File/Folder Shredder, and Registry Cleaner work without problems. Big Files Manager shows nothing on C: Drive, but does show files on USB Drives. Files that are both on USB and C: only show on USB with Big Files Manager..
  4. I am having the same problem with JetSearch 2.26.131 on a Windows 10 System. It finds and searches all devices on USB ports but finds nothing on OS dirve C:\ I installed JetSearch using admin priv. I run it with admin priv. I am a registered user of Wise 365 PRO. Tried ver 2.12.90 as suggested above. No help. Still get no results from C:\
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