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  1. Did someone have found an issue ? Edit 11/11/16 : Fixed in v 2.29.136. Thank you ! .
  2. Same problem with my C:/ (OS) and G:/ drives with Wise JetSearch 2.26 .
  3. My drives are all fine. I hope that another version will be released soon.
  4. I have no error message. V 2.12, 2.14 and 2.25 doesn't find files on my C:/ OS drive :'(
  5. Problem in Wise JetSearch 2.25 Please have a look at my topic here : http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/11377-wise-jetsearch-dont-find-files-on-the-os-partition/
  6. Hi ! I'm using Wise JetSearch 2.25.130 on my Windows 10 version 1511 system. The problem is : Wise JetSearch don't find files on the OS partition even with full rights. It work great with my other partitions / drives. On my C:/ OS partition, it only find 6 files ! (And I can only see a list with these files, right click operation doesn't work) Don't know how to do to fix that. Could someone help me please ? Edit : Same problem with my C:/ (OS) and G:/ drives with Wise JetSearch 2.26 .
  7. Hi ! I'm now using Wise JetSearch 2.14.97 and It is written on the bottom of the software's windows : "Index is been creating". I just want to know were is located the index file please. Thank you !
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