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  1. WDC 9 beta not see Google Chrome old Install & Update Files for deleting http://metadataconsulting.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-to-remove-google-chrome-unused-update-files.html
  2. I'm not a developer. Just check in the above mentioned programs (Baidu Cleaner, CCleaner), what paths are checked and what files have the redundant locations. Then add the rules checking unnecessary files and records to Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise 365.
  3. The products of "Wise" to leave a lot of unnecessary junk. When you use the "Wise Registry Cleaner", I have to improve: CCleaner and Baidu Cleaner. Then I'm sure that I got rid of most of the garbage and not needed registry entries.
  4. Defragmentation system not good in Wise Disk Cleaner. Best defragmenter in software: http://www.puransoftware.com/Puran-Defrag.html WDC not option "Boot Time Defragmentation" Please check Puran Defrag and consider the improvement of system defragmentation. Just look at tables clusters in WDC and Puran Defrag after using Puran Defragmentation.
  5. Add global settings/cache "Assistance" in: C:\\Users\\xxxx\\AppData\\Roaming\\Wise Asisstance After the opening WRC 9 and WDC 9 shows the same unread threads help.
  6. Deep scan may delete any needed entries, but not a must. It is best to check what has been detected to be deleted. This program so and so is the best. Does not remove the entries that other programs cause, after erasing the system errors.
  7. You cannot select some or all of your copies of the "Registry Restore" (selection of the key "CTRL" / "SHIFT"). It should be such an option, or next to the list should be "checkbox", in order to be able to remove multiple copies easily. Currently, you need to delete one by one.
  8. After uninstall Iperius Backup Free: http://www.iperiusbackup.com/ It remained a program folder in the folder "C:\\ProgramData"
  9. Add options to hide the element to clear (context menu) to select and not by mistake does not clear the data element. The options give the "Excluded"
  10. It is at this point, the program is not useful. Sometimes, you cannot delete an entire folder as you want. Competitive IObit Unlocker was replaced by the current Wise Force Deleter.
  11. It comes with a beta version 9.01. Yesterday I installed the beta again and i have with the 9.02.
  12. The program does not check the current beta. After checking the program showed that the current version. After downloading today, the version number was higher. The same is true in Wise Disk Cleaner beta.
  13. The program does not always removes empty folders after uninstalling. When installing multiple programs leave empty folders. A competitive program "BCUninstaller" removes properly.
  14. Wise Force Deleter not support deleting folders and not context menu for folders. Window main not have option adding folders. Please add support folders.
  15. Windows and aplication traces they should be separated. So that items browsers do not mix with the findings of windows. The history of browsers, etc.,and cookies should be in the "Privacy" section.
  16. I noticed that there is no defragmentation function in the options: Boot Defrag - defragment areas starter It's nice if they could add this functionality to the program.
  17. My suggestion: Unnecessary function Optimization Tune UP - computer started to go worse. I believe that this function should be only in Wisecare 365. In general, this function does not fit into this type of program. It proposes to add a search engine entries in the registry and replace instead of Tune Up.
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