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  1. @admin. Thanks for your prompt reply. Ok I can understand and appreciate your advice. Any how followed your advice and used Recuva which served the purpose.
  2. Lost Partition (Wise Data Recovery) Dear Admin, I am using legacy P-III, 866 MHz single processor, 2 hard drives (Primary and Secondary One of them (the effected) is of Samsung SV) with Windows 2003 Server SP-2 without any UPS. I had some virus infections due to which I was unable to use safe mode option. I tried MS anti malware utility during which a electric power surge and break down occured. On restoration of power computer started with Scandisk screen and message "File record Segment" (From 25-29, one line after another) "unable to read" Deleting Index entry etc. etc. When booting and login completed I was unable to find one partition (F:) with NTFS file system. Although I was still able to see the lost partition in My Computer with the Drive letter but without volume size, used space or free space. I used different parition and data recovery tools which were recognizing the lost files. These tools were requiring some payment before recovery or were offering limited file(s) in free. I used your "Wise Data Recovey Ver.:3.82.199". It has perhaps limitation that it only recognizes healthy partitions only as it does not show the lost partition/drive. Kindly advise what to do
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