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  1. I just installed WJS v2.14 and noticed that it can see and allow searching on a 2TB external drive I have plugged in. All my external HDD's are SeaGate and hooked up via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. I only have 2 external drives that are under 2TB in capacity. When the 2 drives <2TB are plugged in, WSJ is able to search them. All drives greater than 2TB are not able to search. Will there be an update to allow searching larger drives in the future? Granted, the search time will be longer.
  2. 1) Sometimes when I click through things on the program, the box will lose it's functions and show only the dialogue box of information. I notice it breaks the display a lot when I have it "maximized" window. Minimizing and then bringing it up again will "fix" it. Or closing it then starting it again. While the display is broken, I'm able to interact with the desktop where the program "should" be displayed (but isn't displayed). 2) Why can't I change the temperature from F to C? I'm not going to "guess" what it is in C or learn F. I'm not even going to care what anyone has to
  3. Just updated to 1.44 and still no ability to search external drives. I've even installed it instead of using portable and no change.
  4. I've been experiencing external HDD's disappearing from the search list for selectable drives. I use the portable version of WJS and have the externals plugged in and active ("Power Savings" for USB is disabled so they function all the time; external HDD's do not have a power switch, they run on constant power from AC adapter). The Disk Management shows the drives are recognized and active, I can browse manually but the option to search with WJS has disappeared. The drives are active when I start up WJS, I don't start WJS without the drives being plugged in and active. I've notice
  5. I wouldn't know too much to confirm nor test anything. That was a popular method on the internet, from Microsoft forums as well. It did the job, however. That's wonderful news! If any more issues arise in the future, I'll be sure to provide more information. I still use the Disk/Reg Cleaners on a weekly basis.
  6. Hello, I'm a huge fan of the freeware for Reg/Disk cleaner and use it often. My primary machine is a Windows 7 (64bit, UAC disabled, always elevated privileges). My secondary machine is a Windows XP (32bit, always elevated privileges). But this is regarding an issue I had after using RegCleaner on a friend's laptop and how I solved it. This information may be useful to the developers. It's not fully intended for other users to use as a solid solution to any given problem. I believe my problem may have been purely circumstantial and rare. DISCLAIMER: I don't claim that it will work 100%
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