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  1. Hi, Now there are no new messages in errorlog, the disk becomes visible in Disk Cleaner, but cannot find anything to clean. Latest updated WDR still generates the same error.
  2. Wise Disk Cleaner Run At 28.04.2015 17:17:00 ======================================================================= A error found:Read drive:F error. Wise Disk Cleaner Run At 28.04.2015 17:17:00 ======================================================================= A error found:The drive - F has a unknow file system.
  3. Now there is a log file Wise Disk Cleaner Run At 23.04.2015 15:34:37 ======================================================================= A error found:The drive - F has a unknow file system. ErrorLog.txt
  4. Hi, Downloaded, overwritten old one, but the output is still the same: no disk visible in Advanced tab, also as there is no errorlog.txt generated. I'm running wise disc cleaner under administrative privelege (run as administrator)
  5. Hi, Installed WIse Disk Cleaner,It does not recognize Backup Drive, but also there is no errorlog.txt in mentioned folder or in any folders related to Wise Disk Cleaner Windows search provided 2 files named errorlog.txt, from path I suppose they are not related to Wise C:\ProgramData\NetClean Technologies\NetClean ProActive for Windows\Error\errorlog.txt C:\Users\All Users\NetClean Technologies\NetClean ProActive for Windows\Error\errorlog.txt
  6. Wise Data Recovery - cannot get disk information Hi, I have external WD NTFS hard drive which was used as a backup drive for domain controlled Windows 7 laptop. Recently I have system reinstalled and moved to another laptop under the same domain username. Now I'm trying to restore several accidentally deleted files from external hard drive using Wise Data Recovery. After selecting drive and pressing scan I receive error message saying "Error - Cannot get disk information" Permissions were checked and forcedly set to a new user and then to Everyone full access. But this did not solve the problem. CHKDSK was run but no error, just fixed some index entries. Any hint or idea how to solve this and get scanning done?
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