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    I already have a powerful antivirus and anti-spyware which is ESET Smart Sequrity v.8

    Additionally, I have Spybot, search and destroy.


    Now I am unistalling some of the unused software from my computer, I hope this helps, otherwise, I may be pushed to format my system (I hate this!)

  2. Many thanks for your efforts, have a nice day...

    I added a trigger as you suggested, but with one change, I made it "At system startup" not "At log on" as my problem is with startup not log on.


    I hope that the admin can continue with me, or I can wait for your kind advice as you come back...


    Best regards.



  3. 1) Check in your Windows task scheduler whether the wise care 365 task has been created (start-run: taskschd.msc, press enter).

    2) Check if the Windows task scheduler service is set on automatic and it is started (start-run: services.msc, press enter).


    Many thanks Xilolee for your effort,


    1) Yes, but it never runs before, and no triggers found for this process!



    2)Yes, It is set as you mentioned.


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