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  1. I managed to restore my prfile/preferences/bookmarks to Firefox after the WDC 8.38 upgrade. Virus/malware scans showed no issues. This morning, after doing a clean with WDC 8.38, all Firefox settings were wiped out and a new user profile for FF was established. Thank goodness I did a FEBE extension backup of Ff after I had managed to restore to the correct FF user profile last night. WDC has now been deleted from my system. On a different WIN7 machine I updated from within WDC 8.36 to the new WDC 8.39 release........................ I now have ZERO internet access (cannot find DNS server)!!!!! Grrrrr I am attempting to restore my system and regain network access. Wise: you've got a problem. Once is an accident, twice is NOT a coincidence. I don't know if you been hacked or what or if it's just sloppy code, but I am very disappointed.
  2. I also updated to WDC 8.38 today (via Major Geeks website, download@authors site) and bam! Brand new firefox install and all favorites/bookmarks, etc are gone! This was on a WIN7 machine and I have used WDC forever with no ill effects? Help? (P.S.armageddon51: how did you restore FF?)
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