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  1. Please try the 3rd solution in Wise PC 1stAid, thanks.
  2. Please tell us more about your problem in English. Thanks.
  3. Please specify your issue in English. Thanks.
  4. Would you please clarify your problem in English? Any screenshot? Thanks for your cooperation.
  5. Could you please clarify your issue?Thanks.
  6. Firstly When yellow excalmation appears that often demonstrate thare is no network driver .The general solution is that you can download software namely"Qu Dong Jing Ling' through searching engine 'Bai Du' then use it to update matched driver for your networkwork card you can try this way first Secondly you can visit or downdload the related driver on the offical website of your owned computer though you can dail the offical hotline to consult where you can download .
  7. Right-click My Computer---Manage----Device Manager---Sound, video and game controllers, find out whether your audio device is here. or does it has a yellow exclamation mark? You can download and install the latest version driver of the audio device to solve this problem. Thanks.
  8. Could you please specify your issue?Thanks for your cooperation.
  9. You probably should try running the following command from an Administrative Command Prompt (Click Start Orb, type CMD in the search box, Right-click on CMD.EXE and select Run as Administrator). SFC /scannow This will run the System File Checker and verify your system files are correct. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Follow the instrction listed below. a. Click on Start button. b. Right click on My Computer and select Manage. c. Select Device manager form the Computer Management Window. d. Expand Network Adaptors. e. Right click on the Network adaptor and select properties. f. Select Power Management. g. Make sure “Allow this device to bring the compute rout of standby. h. Click on Ok button. Thanks.
  11. Sorry, we can not see your picture. "Basically what happens is when I ask the task to perform the checks it says that the operation has been disabled by an adiminstrator." As the question you mentioned above, could you tell us the detailed information? What task? Which operation has been disabled by an administrator? Thank you very much.
  12. Hi, First check if your ip and your DNS are automatically obtained... do the following 1. click start>control panel 2. in classic view open the icon for network connections 3. right click on the icon for Local Area Connection and choose properties 4. in the local area connection properties window click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click on properties 5. In the next window that opened make sure that Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically both have the green button on them... click apply and then OK... you can further optimize your browser setting by doing the following... 1. In the control panel window open the icon for internet options (make sure that there is an entry for your homepage section. if you don't have any try putting www.google.com or any website you prefer IE to load upon opening) 2. Click on the security tab 3. Look into the part where it says security level for this zone and find the default level button, click on it 4. Go to the privacy tab click also on the default button 5. Go to the connections tab, look for the button for LAN Settings, click on it 6. under the lan settings window make sure that Automatically Detect settings is the only item checked... 7. Uo to the advanced tab and click on the Restore Defaults button 8. Click apply and OK 9. Close your internet explorer browser and reopen it... your default home page should load automatically Thanks.
  13. Would you please clarify your issue? Thanks.
  14. You can try the 1st item in Wise PC 1stAid first, if still can not work, try the method below. Go here: http://www.stardock..../span>packager/ and get the trial version of IconPackager, install it, use it to switch to any icon package, then switch back (if you want to) the standard windows icons. Thanks!
  15. We suggest you try the last solution in Wise PC 1stAid. Thanks.
  16. What does the error message displayed? Could you specify your issue a little? It better you that you post a screenshot here. Thank you very much!
  17. Try to reboot into safe mode with f8 then scroll down and hit safe mode with networking... then log on as administrator and go into control panel. Go to users. -> passwords -> change passwords. reboot If still can not work, try another method below. Keep hitting f8 on boot up Go to safe mode with networking Click on administrator to log on Go to http://www.oxid.it/cain.html Click on the second one. it should be v4.9.2 or something Download it Open it. go to.. it should ls a secerets or something of the sort Click on the plus sign at the top Then it should say default password "your password" Thanks.
  18. This issue has been submited to the tech team, thank you. Would you please try to uninstall Wise Care 365 and reinstall it from the direct download link below? http://wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365.exe Thanks.
  19. Try to drag the problem folder into the new folder and then delete the new folder. If this method still does not work, rename the problem folder and then try to delete. Thanks.
  20. Try the method below. Go to www.live.com and sign into the account with issues. Click the gear in the upper right corner and select 'More mail settings' from the drop down menu. Under Managing Your Account click 'Account Details'. Click 'Security Info' from the left menu bar. Turn off 2 step verification. Thanks.
  21. Try to reset the Repository. To do so follows these steps: Boot into Safe Mode without networking and open a command prompt as administrator. Now Type net stop winmgmt and hit Enter. This will stop the Windows Management Instrumentation Service Next go to C:\Windows\System32\wbem and rename the repository folder to repositoryold Restart. Again open a command prompt as administrator, type net stop winmgmt and hit Enter. Next typewinmgmt /resetRepository and hit Enter. Restart. Now see if you can create a System Restore Point manually. Thanks.
  22. Would you please specify your issue? Thank you.
  23. Sorry ,we can not open the picture you posted , would you please repost your screenshot? Thanks.
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