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  1. Thank you for your help. I am not quite sure what happened. When I logged onto my laptop to follow your instructions it was very slow to start, then it went into a self repair... it had not done this before, even when I had choosen this option I was still getting the same error. After some considerable time it loaded windows in normal mode, restoring back a few weeks. I do not understand how as the last available restore point had been more recent than this when I had tried to do this "manually" myself.,, anyway... I have been able to run in normal mode without problems for the last couple of
  2. I have sent a copy of the dumps to support. Thank you.
  3. I get the message "you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"... is that my computer blocking it as I don't have admin mode or something or coming from your security?
  4. Hi UCanFixit, It is a pity my response upset you as the intent was quite the opposite. I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't getting any change in the state of my computer and that I didn't want you to waste any more of your time trying to resolve the issue. I will take it to a professional who has all the tools to fix it after the holidays. (In my country everything shuts down over August). To respond fully to each of your comments: 1) I agree that the cleaner cannot fix my registry. I am certain it is corrupted. 2) Restoring to a previous point... unfortunately this p
  5. Thank you for your input guys. 1) I only wanted to activate sound so that I could keep up with my studies, it had nothing to do with resolving the problem with my computer. I now have a work around, thank you. 2) I believe it is a registry problem as everytime I start my computer in normal mode it crashes and the error is titled registry error. 3) restoring to an older version didnt help but I dont have a very old copy. 4) I cannot uninstall some programs (I activated this option in safe mode) but could others. totally at a lose, think I will need to buy an ungrade to windo
  6. Thanks, I have a full back of my data but I dont think that includes the registry nor would I know how to access that. I will look at the system restore you recommend. Thank you... is there a way I can apply the driver for sound whilst in safe mode? That is the only thing I need. Many thanks for your reply, I fear you are right about the state of my registry.
  7. Hi, I am not sure if anyone here can help me as my problem is not really with the software but with my computer. When running windows 7 in normal mode it doesn't take long before my lenovo B570e crashes with a registery error. I have downloaded and run wise registry cleaner at all levels in safe mode and my computer will run in safe mode. This would be sufficient for me except I need sound to do my studies online. As soon as I return my setting to normal mode it crashes again. I can not access the list of predetermined programs to uninstall any programs as soon as I do it crashes.... (I k
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