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  1. Hey, As per my understanding of your problem it seems that the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player crashes repeatedly while using Google Chrome web browser. In that case I would like you to resolve conflicts between two different versions of Flash, check for compatibility issues with the plug-ins, also known as extensions; check if the sandbox feature conflicts with your browser, and so on. Let us go through step by step tutorial. Check Conflicts between two Different Versions: Open Google Chrome web browser. Type "about:plugins" in the Address Bar. Press ENTER. Check for the entry of "Adobe Shockwave Flash". Expand the same. You'll find two different versions, viz. internal and externally installed one. Disable the external version so that there would be no more conlicts in between. Check Compatibility Issues with Plug-Ins and Extensions: Click the Wrench icon on top right corner of your screen. Select Tools, and then Extensions. Disable all extensions that appear in the list. Disable the Sandbox Feature: Right click Google Chrome desktop icon. Select Properties. Click the Shortcut tab. Focus the Target textbox. Add the following line next to the existing path specified in the textbox: "--no-sandbox" (DO NOT add the quotes) Click Apply, and then OK. For more guidelines and troubleshooting info, please watch .
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