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  1. @Admin Thanks for the suggestion. I sincerly appreciate it. The elementary measures, nearly in all cases, is to re-start the system, run chkdsk, see if anti-virus is in a good mood today, update your drivers,… So, chkdsk and all other “Elementary” measures have already been taken. I believe, as no other application has hiccupped in this manner EVER, I think the issue is an isolated one pertinent to the software, conflict with other programs or related to some extremely technical issues (registry, services, permissions,….) that I do not know much about and since the issue is just applicable
  2. "Normally you will not need to use it." Yes you need the uninstall option. After constant error message while trying to backup full registry, I decided to get rid of it and stay with JV16 power tools and Advance system care that have served flawlessly for the past FIVE years. Thanks to Revo uninstaller, did not need look too far to uninstall "Wise" thingie.
  3. Ran the sfc /scannow and everything appears to be fine. Plain confusing. Not that I am a big fan of backing up full registry as even during course of one day many things change and at times, full registry backup proves to be not so helpful but, the error message is just plain confusing. Regards
  4. The disk was checked and no problem found. But, with System File Check, as this is an isolated issue with this particular software and have never seen similar error message since XP was installed, makes me really wonder. I'll give it a shot though. Stay tuned
  5. Hello and thanks for your help. Here are three screen shots of the recreated error message. -The first picture is the error message -The second picture is from the "Backup" folder showing that the full registry backup .rbk file was saved there without being converted to .reg file. (The first file (2014-18-06 103538.reg) was created automatically after cleaning the registry one day ago with no problem.) -The third picture is when I went to "Restore Center". As you see it has information about the failed "Manually" created "Full registry backup" but., is it really a valid file to be restored
  6. Thanks for the reply. No cigar my friend. That was the first thing to do, restart the system. The issue has been ongoing. It does bring the .rbk file to the backup folder but, it is not exported/saved in .reg format. I am not even sure said .rbk file contains all the information. It is abot 1.5 MB. As a test, I made a portable form of the program and the same problem exists with the portable one and the same error messge comes up. It is peculiar that "Auto save" tranfers/saves correct format of the backup before cleaning but, a full backup is not being done correctly. Any other
  7. Cannot backup "Full Registry" and receive error message that the file at C:\documents and settings\ <My name>\Local settings\temp\fullreg.rbk cannot be exported, error writing file. It writes it the rbk in the temp folder but, cannot export/re-write it and deletes it from the temp folder. Have not tried restore backup and don't need to. But cannot export .rbk and save it as .reg? It backs up the changes to registry when cleaning as they are listed in the restore option but, NO full registry backup. The question remains, why doesn't it just write the backup as .reg file along with th
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