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  1. Dear Mrs.UCanFIxIt, This trouble seems to be almost solved. I think that this inquiry is finished. I started to download and update the following applications from the top. Evernote Client Box.com Client Dropbox Client Google Drive Client SoftPerfect RAM Disk The icon of WMO has appeared since 1) the "box.com clent" was updated, and 2) my PC was rebooted. But the icon of "box.com client" has disappeard since then. I'm OK so far even if the icon of "box.com client" disappears. Box Sync ver.4 Download https://sites.box.com/sync4/ Thank you.
  2. Dear Mrs.UCanFIxIt, > The latest version was released on 10-30-2013. I downloaded the latest version through the link you showed. The "exe" file shows the created date of "10-28-2013" as shown on the attached PNG imagery. So I guess the WMO which I have used is the latest version. My HP Desktop PC is just for family or low-performance model. My HP Desktop PC only has 4GB RAM. I have installed "SoftPefect RAM Disk" and created 1GB RAM Drive (R:) and set "TMP" and "TEMP" folders in the RAM Drive to speed up. SoftPerfect RAM Disk http://www.softperfect.com/products/ramdisk/ If some other applications cause this trouble, I guess "SoftPerfect RAM Disk" may be most doubtful one. I have no idea to solve this matter besides "SoftPerfect RAM Disk".
  3. Mrs.UCanFixIt, Thank you for your reply. > are you saying you have the system tray option marked and it is not working? Yes, it's what I mean. > Also, have you tried the latest version? I have found and installed WMO for the first time a couple weeks ago. I don't get how to see the version of WMO. Please refer to the attached PNG imagery.
  4. Wise Memory Optimizer (WMO) icon doesn't appear on task tray when my PC is booted. So you can't quit the WMO process by right-clicking the icon. I hope that the icon shall appear on task tray all the time basically. To open WMO window, you need to 1) quit WMO process by using "task manager" 2) restart WMO by double-clicking "WiseMemoryOptimzer.exe" Hewlett-Packard Desktop PC Windows 7 64bit Japanese Edition 4 GB RAM
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