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  1. Try this: How to get back the WFH files? Good luck.
  2. As there can be many causes for your issue and assuming your issue has not been caused by malware, this article gives a good step by step method to identify the cause and fix your issue: Troubleshoot: Windows won't recognize USB hard drive Good luck.
  3. Since the OP's issue appears to be specific to Kuaiwan Games, this might be a more appropriate place to post his/her issue: http://bbs.kuaiwan.com/
  4. Thanks again to Linkin for another nice tutorial; however, please be advised that the above suggestions may not work all the time because many of the more damaging malware programs will also corrupt the registry to a point where your normal settings will not function anymore. Just remember that removing the malware is the easiest part of recovering your PC to normal operation. The hardest part is trying to repair the damage done and left behind after the source malware is actually removed. With that said, the best offense is a good defense so I recommend making a periodic System Image as this is the easiest road to recovery when all else fails. UCanFixit
  5. Hello lafouzz, Unfortunately, I do not understand your brief description. Also, I (personally) know nothing about that executable; however, my research indicates it could be either an unwanted PUP w/adware or bloatware that came with your PC (from the manufacturer). So, it may or may not be malware. Moreover, some references indicate it leaves the registry damaged (if an unwanted PUP w/adware) so just removing it might not fix your issue. My advice is to either wait for someone else to respond or go here for guided assistance: Am I Infected? What Do I Do? Good luck with your issue, UCanFixit
  6. Hallo wieder Pleasant, Es tut mir leid, aber ich verstehe nicht, was Sie mir sagen, jetzt mit den kurzen Erklärungen oben. So, könnten Sie bitte ein wenig Zeit nehmen, um Ihre Situation gründlich zu erklären, so kann ich das große Bild zu sehen? Es ist OK, um Ihrer Muttersprache eingeben. Jetzt, da ich die Zeit nehmen, meine Antworten auf Länge geben, könnten Sie bitte das gleiche tun, um Ihr Problem zu erklären? Danke, UCanFixit
  7. Things to try: Run This MS Fixit Program to Reset Windows Update Components Download and Run the System Update Readiness Tool for Your Version Of Windows 7 Let us know if either fixes your issue. Good luck, UCanFixit
  8. Hi David Bailey, I'm hoping the OP will come back and provide some additional information because that description is inadequate to provide a targeted solution IMHO.
  9. Hello, You can try xilolee's solution posted here: Solved: TBUpdater.dll - The specified module could not be found Good luck, UCanFixit
  10. Hello, You can try this for starters: Run services.msc Locate the Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Service Disable it Reboot and see if that fixes your issue Let us know. UCanFixit
  11. Hello Pleasant, IMHO, this is not the best forum to help you with Ubisoft servers going offline or becoming inaccessible. FYI, I use a PS3 and I have never had an issue accessing their servers; however, I'm assuming you are using a PC game that you purchased through Steam; correct? if so, your best bet is to either post your issue directly on the Ubisoft Forums or open a support ticket directly: Ubisoft Technical Support Forums BTW, the above location also has a list of scheduled UPlay server maintenance times. You can open a ticket directly with Ubisoft support here: How can I create a support ticket with Ubisoft Support? Good luck, UCanFixit
  12. Hi xilolee, I just installed the latest version as well and the Disk Eraser works flawlessly on my Windows 8.1 x64 desktop! Best regards, UCanFixit
  13. What browser are you using? Have you tried another browser? Did this problem just start or has it always been that way? Have you tried anything to fix it yourself? Is it only Facebook or does YouTube audio react the same way?
  14. Unfortunately, your problem description contains no specific details and that makes it impossible to target a specific solution. For example, things like this should also be included: Did it ever work? Did you do anything major that might be coincident with the start of your issue? Have you tried anything to fix it yourself? What browser are you using? Have you tried another browser? And the list of questions just goes on an on... So, not knowing anything about the above, I'll just guess that you might be using Google Chrome and you have Pepper Flash enabled. If so, see here: How can I disable the Pepper Flash plugin in Google Chrome? Now, if you would like to provide more specific information regarding your issue, we're here to help! See my signature for guidance in effectively presenting your issue to this forum. Good luck.
  15. You would be better served to post your issue at the zpanelcp help forum. Here's one specific discussion about your issue there: Critical Error: 0100 - Unable to connect or authenticate to the ZPanel database Good luck.
  16. Hi kjhume, Was there an error code associated with those errors? If so, is it always the same error code or does it vary? In any event, could you please provide the error codes if available. Now, back to the shotgun approach. I use that myself from time to time and the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "bad pool caller", I think of memory (ram) hardware issues. The reason for my association is that I worked the Crucial forums for many moons and the Bad Pool Caller came up quite often there. Now, please understand we are talking shotgun here so take what I say with a grain of salt. However, since you did not provide any system specs, I can't outline a (shotgun) memory troubleshooting procedure for you but if you have more than 1 stick of RAM, you can try removing all but 1 stick and see if that fixes your issue. If not, rotate the remaining sticks through one at a time until you find the intermittently defective hardware. Talk about shotgun! Now, if you would like to get more technical, it will require you to feed much information back for analysis. So, its your choice. Shotgun it or start providing the missing information I have just identified and requested. Good luck with your decision and your problem. UCanFixit
  17. Was it ever fast? If so, did you do anything significant right before it became slow? IMHO, not enough information has been provided. See my signature for hints on how to effectively present your problem to this forum. Good luck.
  18. Translated for anyone that might offer a suggestion; however, I (personally) do not understand the OPs issue due to a lack of detail.
  19. Once again, a very nice contribution by Linkin. Thanks for sharing that information. Regards, UCanFixit
  20. See here: How to make screenshots (aka snapshots) and post them here in this forum
  21. The image you tried to post is not visible so please edit your original post and provide same. See here if you need assistance in posting an image: How to Post Screenshots Also, you may want to detail any important activity just prior to when Corel stopped working. See my signature for help in effectively presenting your issue. Good luck.
  22. See my signature for help in effectively presenting your issue in detail. Alternatively, you can Google "microsoft security essentials installation error 0x8004FF00" and you will find many causes and solutions. Good luck.
  23. You'll need to provide the specific error code and give us some background information leading up to this event. See my signature for help in effectively presenting your issue.
  24. Most forum softwares have an inherent client to allow for banning IP addresses but I can see no use for it on a Windows 7 PC unless you are trying to use it as a server for other purposes (ie, torrent activity, bandwidth sharing, etc). In summary, you have not explained your situation clearly enough so good luck in getting your questions answered.
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