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  1. OK, thanks for that! Now, assuming you have not been infected by malware and you have not recently made any changes to your PC, I would suggest you review this comprehensive article and try Solutions 1,4,5,7,8, and 9. 0xc00007b ERROR FIXES Other options: How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7 Good luck.
  2. Hello all members, The "Mark Solved" option has been activated in the Computer Trouble-Shooting Discussion Board. Now originating posters (OPs) can select their own "Best Answer." How it works: Each member response to an originating poster's issue will now include a "Mark Solved" button that can only be seen by the OP (see image1). If a specific response solves the OPs issue, he/she can simply click the Mark Solved button for that specific response and it will automatically do two things: 1. It will update the index to show the OPs issue as "Answered." (see image2) 2. It will add the "Best Answer" to the top of the OPs post. (see image3) This new feature could really benefit members or guests that are looking for solutions while browsing or searching the Computer Trouble-Shooting Discussion Board. Note: The Wise Specific Product Boards do not have this feature enabled. UCanFixit
  3. So, now we know the back-end of your problem. Apparently, it's looking for a file named TitleUpdate.msi in the TEMP folder and it's not there! So, from here you have two choices IMHO: 1.Take the time to explain the front end of your issue properly. Explain what you are trying to do in detail, tell us the name of the file and the progarm you are attempting to execute/install, provide a link to the download site (if applicable), and see my signature for help in effectively presenting your entire issue please. However, if that is too much effort, then I cannot help you because the information you have provided thus far is sparse at best. 2. Wait for someone else to respond or try another help forum. Good luck.
  4. Your issue is not clear. See my signature for help in effectively presenting your issue and repost.
  5. In addition to the other suggestions, I would make a slight modification to one of xilolee's recommendations and add a step 6a as follows: 6a) If error are shown, before you show them here, please run the following command from and elevated command prompt: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth 6b) Once DISM is completed, run sfc /scannow and see if your errors have been fixed. 6c) Now, if you still have errors, please show them here.
  6. Unfortunately, your image did not post properly and is not visible. Please see here: How to make screenshots (aka snapshots) and post them here in this forum Also, you mentioned something about TEMP folder? Maybe you just need to delete the contents of the TEMP folder, reboot, and try again?
  7. Hi Shadrov, Thank you for attempting to provide a detailed description of your problem; however, much of it is getting lost in the translation to English. So, it appears you have encountered some major corruption with your Acer Aspire 7110; correct? If so, have you considered trying the eRecovery feature (if the partition still exists) that is supposed to be available on that model? Acer Aspire 7110 eRecovery - How to
  8. In preparation for additional research, could you provide a few youtube links to videos where the audio drags? I just want to make sure the issue is isolated to your PC or internet connection and is not a common problem. FYI, I've seen this problem crop up from time to time and sometimes it is a global youtube issue so this will help to prove where the problem actually lies.
  9. OK, so all of your audio issues are when you are viewing a video online; yes? If so, that narrows down the possibilities immensly! Please try my first suggestion and let me know. UCanFixit
  10. Hi again dewwatulike, Thanks for that important information. So, no major changes like installing a bunch of Windows Updates? Did you download anything recently? If so, it could certainly be a virus but its too soon to confirm that IMHO so let's try a few things: First, run a full AV scan and see if that picks up anything. If not, download this MS Malicious Software Removal Tool and see if that helps: MS Malicious Software Removal Tool BTW, we may need to go back and forth on this issue to find a credible solution so don't be discouraged if these suggestions do not work. There will be more to come. Let me know. UCanFixit
  11. I (personally) cannot help you because you have not provided adequate information regarding your issue; however, it looks like you are trying to apply a patch to some (unknown) game and it is not working. You can either give this a try or provide some additional details (see my signature for some ideas): Makes sure the Windows Installer Service is started: Go to Windows Start Menu -> Run -> Type services.msc -> Ok. If run is not an option, right-click on My Computer, choose Manage. Go to Services & Applications -> Services. Locate the following service: Windows Installer (right-click it and choose Start) Try your installation again.
  12. Hello, Please provide the following additional information: What browser are you using when watching youtube videos? Have you tried a different browser with the same results? What media player are you using if/when it happens offline? Did this problem just start or has it always been that way? Did you make any major PC modifications right before it started? Can you explain why you titled your post as "Virus?"
  13. Whatever you are trying to install has failed its own self-check test. That means the executable in question has either been modified or corrupted. Make sure you obtained the program from a reliable source and try to download it again. If still no joy, you will have to contact the author of the program for additional assistance. Good luck.
  14. Deleted almost 500 attempts to add links and images to the profile feed.

  15. I wish you would have included your OS so I could have given you a more specific direction; however, this solution will work on all of them! So, it looks like you tried to remove the Conduit Search and it left a piece behind. With that said, download Autoruns, unzip it, run the portable executable as an admin, and delete the startup entry for the above: Note: You should see that entry in one of the run sections. Just uncheck the entry and delete it! Autoruns for Windows v11.70 Good luck.
  16. It would help to know if you did anything right before the problem started. Things like installing new programs, downloading and applying new Windows Updates, and/or any hardware changes might be the cause of your issue. However, there is no way to make that determination based on your brief description. Anyway, you can start off by disabling all unnecessary startup programs to see if that eliminates your issue. If so, start re-enabling them one-at-a-time until the problem returns. I am also assuming you have not contracted any malware; however, it might not be a bad idea to run a full malware scan with your AV software. See Method Three here and good luck. Startup Programs - Change
  17. Let's try rebuilding your icon cache first: How to Rebuild the Icon Cache in Windows 7 Good luck and let us know if that works.
  18. You really haven't explained your issue thoroughly enough to target a solution; however, you can try these MS solutions : How do I reset Windows Update components? System Update Readiness Tool Good luck.
  19. Hi again givarawan, I see you have winrar installed and that icon looks OK; however, there is a trojan masquerading as winrar.exe which is causing a missing/corrupted icon issue (similar to yours) so I'm guessing you might be infected with same. With that said, I would first do a complete malware scan and see if your AV can detect and isolate the malware. Next, let us know if the damage still remains after removing/isolating the suspected malware. You can also upload that winrar executable here to check it for malware content as well: VirusTotal - analyze suspicious files and URLs You can also try this option to clean your PC as well (if your AV doesn't do it): Malicious Software Removal Tool Good luck.
  20. Comment: See previous request (and responses) for assistance on same issue: IP BAN CLIENT
  21. Topic is now locked. See new request for assistance on same issue here: IP BAN!
  22. Unfortunately, all of the necessary information appears to be contained in the view you posted; however, we do not have any participating members that can read/translate Russian to English (to the best of my knowledge). So, if you want to continue your support effort in this forum, you will have to take the time to explain what that view is actually showing us and tell us exactly what it says. Good luck.
  23. FYI, there is a trojan masquerading as winrar.exe so I'm guessing you are infected with same. The official WinRaR would not cause your icon issue. First, do a complete malware scan and your AV should detect and isolate the malware. Next, let us know if the damage still remains after removing/isolating the suspected malware. You can also upload that executable here to check it for malware content as well: VirusTotal - analyze suspicious files and URLs You can also try this option: Malicious Software Removal Tool Good luck.
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