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  1. Can you provide a bit more detail? How are you trying to access your gmail? Internet login? POP3 or IMAP? Whats happens when you try and what does the rejection message and/or error say?
  2. What program are you trying to install luvmypc? What is the error message or messages you are receiving? A screenshot would be helpful too.
  3. Is this issue in addition to your other issue here? http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4872-ie/&do=findComment&comment=10411 Sounds like you have multiple issues after upgrading so here's my recommendation at this point: How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 8.1 without Losing Anything Good luck, UCanFixit
  4. Hi Jed, You just haven't provided enough background information to get started IMHO. Did this just start? Did it ever work OK? Have you done any program installs, applied any Windows Updates, or made any hardware changes recently? What have you tried to fix this already? In any event, I have a better solution. Download and start using this free backup program and you won't get that error anymore: Macrium Reflect Free So, at this point, you can either tell us more or just make the switch to Macrium Free. Good luck with your decision, UCanFixit
  5. Hello Nicola, I'm not really sure what your problem is at this point but I'm guessing you are having an issue installing Panda Pro. If so, I would strongly recommend you work directly with Panda support because you are a paying customer (I assume). There are various ways to contact Panda support available. Start here. Panda Technical Support for Panda Pro 2014 Good luck, UCanFixit
  6. Hi acam738, Unfortunately, I do not understand your issue. It may be getting lost in the translation. Maybe someone else will try to help you. Good luck, UCanFixit
  7. Hello c.k. wolf, So, you lost explorer (not internet explorer), you tried recovering program (what program?), and you tried a reinstall (of what? A specific program or Windows 7?).
  8. Hello Skydiver, This MS support article will help you to either fix your current Win 7 user profile or guide you through the steps to create a new one (if necessary): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947215 Good luck, UCanFixit
  9. So, what exactly happens when you try to open it? Tell us exactly what happens and what you see. A screenshot might help. Please be specific and detailed about your problem.
  10. Did this just start? Did it ever work OK? Have you done any program installs, applied any Windows Updates, or made any hardware changes recently? What have you tried already?
  11. Does this only happen when trying to open this certain (unknown) game program? If so, there is most likely a compatibility issue but I have no way of knowing without additional details. So, if there is more to this story, then...
  12. Since each PC/Laptop manufacturer has a different way to do a factory restore, you'll have to provide the specific make/model of your PC/Laptop and provide a detailed description of your attempt and where it failed in the process. There is no way to help you without that specific information. BTW, did you make the factory restore discs right after the initial setup?
  13. Since David has already covered the sfc and dism route (thanks for that), please tell us which search does not work? Is the the Metro search, the Explorer Search, or both? The explorer search should never be blocked so I'm guessing the Metro Search is the issue; yes? If so, check the following: Make sure the Windows Search Service is started Check to make sure your drive can be indexed. Right-click the drive in explorer> properties> tick the "allow files on this drive to be indexed box" (if not already ticked) Rebuild your search index: Go to Control Panel> Indexing Options> Advanced> Rebuild Index See if that works.
  14. Hi again Rosika, Your questions and my responses follow: See here for more information: Windows 7: Repair Install Windows 7: Clean Install Then the repair or clean install are not a solution that you would attempt. I'm not sure if it would help or not at this point; however, if there is any chance you have been infected with malware, I would strongly recommend you go here for guided assistance as they utilize a few different programs that are superior to "hijack this" IMHO: Am I infected? What do I do? In summary, I hate to say it but I'm out of ideas on this one. Sorry I couldn't help you. Good luck going forward. UCanFixit
  15. Hi again Rosika, Thank you for doing everything I suggested and reporting back in such detail. However, I do have one last question for you: Is there any chance you have installed a third-party software application that comes bundled with its own Java installer (not Oracle's installer)? If so, this would explain why the Oracle Java installation can not complete and why the uninstallers (you tried) cannot detect and uninstall that version of Java (because its bundled with some other software). The Oracle Java uninstaller clearly identifies that as a possibility when it encounters a situation such as yours. Please go here to read more on this subject and about half way down the page you can attempt to invoke the Java applet uninstaller (if you have not already done so): Oracle JAVA Uninstaller Tool Let us know if this turns on any lights for you. However, if not, would you consider doing a repair or clean install? If so, could you please provide the make/model of your laptop or desktop. This is very important information as this helps to determine what options are available. In fact, you might even be able to do a factory reset. Hmm... I wonder if the manufacturer provided some form of bundled bloatware.
  16. You can also Google for "windows c++ runtime error r6034" (without quotes) and you'll find lots of press related to that error. Of specific note, many found references are related to Apple iTunes. So, have you tried to update that lately? If so, see here: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4598-aps-daemonexe-error-msvcr80/ http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4830-missing-dll-pop-ups/ Good luck. UCanFixit
  17. One more thing... I just want to make sure you are rebooting after doing the requested steps to make sure the Temp directory is cleared out; however, that's also a good place to check for pending functions that are Java related and that process might be stuck for some reason: You can also download "Autoruns" to check for invalid startup entries and delete anything that is Java-related: AutoRuns for Windows An finally, you could also check for any Java related processes that are still running; however, Autoruns (if used) should have taken care of that already: Please note that all of my views are from Windows 8.1... I'm trying to come up with as many ideas as possible because this should be fixable! UCanFixit
  18. Hi GeorgPC, Just a hunch but is there any chance you are using Bluetooth devices? If so, please unplug those devices and see if you can access that view after doing so. OR, try unplugging all peripherals for that matter and see if that works too! Please consider my suggestions as uneducated guesses at this point but they may be worth a try. Also, if using Bluetooth, make sure all necessary Bluetooth services are started: Note: I do not use Bluetooth. You may have multiple services that are associated and required to be running. Again, just a hunch so good luck! UCanFixit
  19. Your image is not visible. See: How to Post Screenshots You can also try running sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt and see if that fixes your unknown issue. However, if none of the above work for you, then...
  20. Thanks for those translations. Please try these next: Microsoft Fixit Program: Fix problems that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled If the above doesn't work, download and run Wise Registry Cleaner (portable is OK to use): Wise Cleaner Downloads Note: Delete any entries found that are relevant to Java and Oracle or just delete all recommended entries (registry can be restored if necessary). Please tell us which browser you are using and what version as well. Good luck and let us know. UCanFixit
  21. UPDATE: I just went over the entire post and realized you are at a point where you cannot get the new Java installed after successfully uninstalling the old; correct? If so, please try and translate those two image (that show the latest installation failure) into English because we can't translate text that appears on images.
  22. Hi again Rosika, Yes, no errors found is a promising sign; however, your (unknown) issue might still require a Win 7 reinstall unless your specific issue can be identified and repaired. With that said, let's recap your issue to make sure we are both on the same page: You have Java installed but it is not working and it cannot be verified as such by the Oracle Java verification process. The failure indicates the problem may lie within 3 distinct areas: The browser plug in itself The Java Control Panel The security settings of the browser being used Now, I am going to assume that the plug-in is OK at this point. I'm also going to assume that the Java Control Panel is set to default values. If not, go to Control Panel> Java Icon and make sure its set to default values. The security settings of the browser being used: I really think this is now the place to focus your attention. Unfortunately, I don't know which browser you are using so I can't compare appes-to-apples at this time but here's the default settings for IE11: So, which browser are you using and what are your current security setting? You might also provide a screenshot of your privacy settings as well because maybe your privacy and security setting are too strict and that may be causing your issue. Also, could you try resetting your current browser to default values? And if nothing suggested so far works, could you please try a different browser and see if you get the same results? Let us know. UCanFixit
  23. I see your current problem; however, I'm guessing you were trying to fix some DLL issues with DLLSuite.exe that were most likely caused by some other activity that you haven't identified. Perhaps you were trying to update your Apple iTunes software? If so, see here: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4598-aps-daemonexe-error-msvcr80/ http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4830-missing-dll-pop-ups/ You could also try running sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt but I doubt that will fix your issue. If none of the above applies, then...
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