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  1. Alternatively, if you need guided assistance, go here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/
  2. Your laptop dragging is probably not being caused by those multiple copies (which sometimes appear in more than one place for a reason). Unfortuately, your problem description is inadequate. See my signature for a help link and post back with specifics.
  3. What DNS server are you referring to? If it is the one that provides primary routing information for all of your internet queries, try switching to an open dns server to fix your issue: http://use.opendns.com/
  4. OR, run this fixit program from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810869
  5. Since you did not provide the specific error code, it is difficult to pinpoint the source; however, there are several causes and possible fixes for your issue: https://www.google.com/search?q=svchost.exe+the+memory+cannot+be+written&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US:IE-Address&ie=&oe=
  6. Since Win 8.1 has a very extensive catalog of drivers, you might want to check to see if an optional audio update is available from Windows Update. If not, you may need to identify your sound hardware so a driver can be found via a manual search/download. This program should help you identify your sound hardware (if necessary): http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php
  7. You may not have the proper permissions to delete those hidden files and folders. Can you provide an example of one that you can't delete? Note there are reasons why some folders are hidden.
  8. Rebuild you icon cache: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/49819-icon-cache-rebuild.html
  9. According to his description, if it is a process, it will restart on the next boot so the task manager kill is only a band-aid and disabling a half installed program is not a proper recommendation. That's why I sent him to the specific forum because there has to be others out there experiencing a similar issue.
  10. The big question is: "Where did you download that file from?" Did you get it directly from Wise or some other source?
  11. Simply stating that Google Chrome does not work is inadequate information. Try reinstalling it and see what happens. See my signature for a help link.
  12. IMHO, you would be better served if you post your issue in the Vuze forum: http://forum.vuze.com/forum.jspa?forumID=3 Good luck.
  13. Sandy, You cannot have spaces in a url string. This is what you typed: HTTP://UK MSN.COM/OCID=IEHP. OPERATION ABORTED. Do you see the space between UK and MSN? Good luck.
  14. Make sure you are using Chrome, have at least 1 browser window open (can be minimized) and are logged in to your gmail account. See complete instructions here: http://heresthethingblog.com/2012/09/10/turn-desktop-alerts-gmail/
  15. Try reinstalling it. If that doesn't work we'll need more detail. See my signature for a help link.
  16. As far a I know, this forum is intended to support Wise Products. My suggestion would be to uninstall Windows Doctor and download one of the Wise Care products from here: http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html Or, if Windows Doctor has a forum, you might want to post your issue there.
  17. Translated: I have a program corrupted IE predetermined search provider settings. What program is predefining the IE search settings? If conduit, see here: http://www.techsupportall.com/how-to-remove-conduit-search/ Also, see my signature for a help link.
  18. I do not understand your issue completely but it sounds like one (or more) of your icons have lost their images. If so, try rebuilding your icon cache and see my signature for more help if you find it necessary to post again: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/49819-icon-cache-rebuild.html
  19. FYI, the link you provided is not a valid link (there is a space in the URL). Is this the only link that does not work? Please explain in more detail. See my signature for a help link.
  20. Make sure the Windows Installer Service is not disabled. I believe it should be set to Manual in Vista (not sure). Anyway, try the fixes provided in the previous response to your issue. Good luck.
  21. Not enough information. See my signature for link. Did it ever work OK? Did you do anything right before your issue started?
  22. Not enough information provided. See my signature for link. You can also Google for "error code 43" and try one of the many listed fixes (depending on your undefined situation).
  23. Check your event viewer for logs that are time-coincident with your boot. The explanation may lie within those logs. Anyway, not enough information has been provided. See my signature for a link.
  24. Did it ever work? When did it stop working? Right after you did something maybe? Not enough information. See my signature link.
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