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  1. Perfect! Now we are all on the same page... Thanks wisecleaner_admin!
  2. 你好用, 我真的帮不了你,因为我不明白你的问题。也许如果你能具体谈谈您的问题有人可以帮助你,但我们需要更多的细节。 祝你好运, UCanFxit
  3. Nie pamiętasz hasła do czego? Nie rozumiem alegro i jak to pasuje do Twojego problemu. Proszę wyjaśnić bardziej szczegółowo. Patrz mój podpis do wskazówek, jak dokładnie przedstawić całą sprawę.
  4. Nemohu pochopit váš problém bez konkrétních detailů. Poskytnout jim, prosím.
  5. My first guess is you might have a program that is slow (or hanging) on startup. If so, you can try disabling selective startups to see which one (if any) is causing your issue: Disabling Startup Programs in Windows 7, Vista, or XP
  6. I am a Wise PC 1st Aid user as well and I don't see any optimization options available. The only things I see are 6 specific issues that the program can try to fix so can you please explain how you used it to optimize your PC? However, there are optimization options available in other Wise programs so is there any chance you were using a different Wise product? For example, Wise Registry Cleaner has a System Tuneup Tab where your PC can be optimized. If you were using that program, you can reset the optimizations by clicking "system defaults" in the lower right corner.
  7. Please remember to provide all necessary details that are relevant to your issue. I am not a Wise employee but I'm here to help if I can!

  8. Hi WiseCleaner, Then please update your description of this program to properly reflect its capabilities:
  9. Hi seashell61, I have just confirmed your finding and I think you have found a legitimate bug! So, I just tested Wise Jet Search and it reacts as follows: SD Card formatted as: NTFS - recognized exFat - not recognized However, since this is primarily a user-to-user forum, I would suggest you open a bug report (via email) with Wise Support and you can point them to this thread as well: [email protected] Good luck, UCanFixit
  10. @J.P. Hi J.P.! An alternative method of allowing all forum members to enter their system specs is also available if the admins would consider this modification to the forum software: Custom Profile Field Dropdowns Now Available - Ideal for System Specs Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, UCanFixit
  11. I did just that! Then why did you post here (if you were working directly with Wise support)? This is a user-to-user forum and I am not a Wise employee. FYI, I (personally) believe it could be an issue with the Wise program; however, if you are unwilling to provide feedback to suggestions, then your post here was a waste of time IMHO. However, this OP was willing to work his issue through the forum directly and he really helped Wise solve an issue similar to yours: Wisecare365 - Disk Eraser - "Does not support this drive" Good luck!
  12. Hi saad, I previously asked your for some information and you never responded. So, how can anyone analyze your situation without looking at your partition structure? You can't just say its a Wise error (although it could be); however, you can't fix something you can't duplicate and/or can't see, so please provide a screenshot of your disk management and system information as requested. Thank you, UCanFixit
  13. Hello mr. irhaby, You really haven't provided enough background information to propose a targeted solution; however, you can try rebuilding your icon cache: Icon Cache - How to Rebuild Also, if you suspect you have been infected with malware, I suggest you go here for guided assistance: Am I Infected? What Do I Do? Good luck, UCanFxiit
  14. You really haven't provided adequate information to pinpoint a cause so my first suggestion would be to download and give Wise Care 365 a try: http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  15. Try this MS audio Fixit for XP: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-pictures/no-sound-in-my-windows-xp-computer/b2ad45d8-3242-4837-a728-b233ffd3f73c
  16. The description of your issue is too brief to provide a targeted solution. Please see my signature for help in constructing an effective presentation of your issue.
  17. Hi JOM, First, let me commend you on the presentation of your issue! It is well thought out, understandable, and right to the point; however, I cannot personally help you because your knowledge of Excel is well beyond my means. So, you can either wait for someone else to respond or get busy and post your issue elsewhere for a much quicker resolution IMHO. With that said, I encourage you to join the MrExcel.com forum and post your issue there: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/forum.php?s=c3fe0e61144751608e064b000176f5d2 Now, if you decide to post there, I would also include my OS information as well. Good luck in getting your issue resolved, UCanFixit
  18. Not enough information. Please be specific and detailed about your issue. See my signature below for help in constructing an effective presentation of your entire issue.
  19. Your use of the word enable has me confused. Please provide some additional details and use the hints in my signature below to construct an effective presentation of your issue.
  20. Thanks for the error codes; however, the specific name of the application (you installed) would be greatly beneficial. Also, please provide any additional information that might help us (help you) to resolve your issue.
  21. See this tutorial on enabling/disabling automatic system restore point creation in Windows 8: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/33910-restore-point-automatic-creation-disable-windows.html You also want to make sure it is turned on and has adequate free space for your installations to auto-create new restore points as needed (FYI, mine is turned off): See attached image Good luck, UCanFixit
  22. Your post is somewhat confusing; in that, you say your AV software detects malware but when you do an AV scan, using the same AV software, it says your PC is clean? Please provide more detail to clarify your issue or go here for assisted malware removal: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/
  23. The easiest way to fix that issue is to do the following: 1. Navigate to the Wise folder (see path displayed in attached image) 2. Right-click the exe file and creat a new shortcut (you will be prompted to OK the placement on the desktop) 3. Drag the new shortcut from the desktop to the taskbar and pin it 4. Unpin the old (defective) shortcut You should be OK after that. Alternatively, you can try rebuilding the icon cache if you suspect other issues: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/49819-icon-cache-rebuild.html Good luck, UCanFixit
  24. Hi Tokushima, It almost sounds like your activities have forced a rotation of icons through the viewable taskbar. See here for a similar situation: Windows 7 64x System Tray Icon Limit BTW, 4GBs of RAM should be quite adequate for a family-oriented PC and I think your combined use of a memory optimizer and ram disk might be overkill in an attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist. For example, I have a family oriented desktop and laptop. Both have 8GBs of ram installed and the average ram usage is about 1.2 GBs on each. So, what is the rest of my ram doing? The answer is nothing! Remember, ram is meant to be used so I would actually be happier if I saw my ram usage increase. That way, I would know I was getting my money's worth! With that said, I have a funny feeling that if you disabled both programs and looked at your resource monitor, you would find that you have an adequate amount of available ram as well.
  25. I just looked at your thumbnail and the exe shows a date of 10-28-2013. The latest version was released on 10-30-2013. The one I tested may/may not be a later version but it sure looks different..
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