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  1. There are a few more clues to why the latest version still not catching everything on the system at 100%. With the current improvements we're getting closer to that mark. I've attached some issues and what I am seeing with MS-DDS and DRM where if you set it to safe the software still reports and error. MS Animal-ware still not catching there files. Windows 7 Firewall Control 64-bit (Companion to Windows 7/8 Firewall) by Sphinx-software (doesn't seem to be supported) Spyware Blaster V5 (this manages HOST, Bad-IPs and Cookies) (doesn't seem to be supported or it's updates) Paint.Net V3
  2. Instant update added WC365P314 a few days ago.. Even though the cleaning is getting better still not 100% yet. I've added some clues to what's not getting clean effectively.. To help the DEV Team.. Key area's: Registry Windows Apps Ram Text Log files added and Image shot. Note: Fuel mention that's AMD Fuel. This report also has the new Chrome 64-bit DEV latest version on it. Also in 3.14 I see you have added uTorrent, BT support but what about Vuze is that supported? RegistryDetail.txt WindowDetail.txt AppsDetail.txt RamCleanDetail.txt
  3. Yes all those recent have been check and it still doesn't catch those traces. I trying to use just one cleaner here which is your program. I know your team is making progress. Traces with MRU is the issue WC365 not catching all traces in apps. The MS = Microsoft. Antimalware - Anti-Malware from Microsoft integrated. Normally that gets updated when your do a Windows Update. All like this should be in WC365 already again not there so that would explain why it's not catching it. Another suggestion is why doesn't the may scanner scan everything 3x times (clean, scan, clean, scan, clean and sc
  4. Need to offer 64-bit Version because it would take advantage of our newer processors. Can anything be done with the active Memory or Wise 365 Tray is always running in the tray with V3.x always have to disable it manual every time the WC365Pro is launched. I understand why you have provided such a feature but there should be option to disable it so it doesn't run. Got to understand not everyone needs such a feature today. As the Hardware Monitoring it nice feature to have, but again optional. I still feel that you should make the software scan all memory blocks and free-up that memory when t
  5. As a follow-up to reporting on Wise Care 365 V311 isn't catching the following attachment will show what it not cleaning. First one: Apps Second one: Windows System Files Even with 3.11 still not cleaning these two sets. Also memory should be automatically cleared up after everything is cleaned. I did see that 3.11 is now catching more of the Common Cleaner. As for the Services tool script that is ran after the WC365 is installed.
  6. Thanks for the update with the English.zip. I had removed all non-english.ini in that folder also. Just kept the one. That corrected the issue with the update so now everything shows F instead of C for temp. Hardware Overview Software is not detecting that I have 8 GB system nor this computer max out at 32GB but I just used 16 GB 1600 MHz. It's only showing 4 GB on 8 GB system and this computer only 8 GB on 16 GB system. Attached are 4 photo files. 2 are not this program but to show you their results in memory on the system. Intel Laptop Also Graphic Temp is not showing up on
  7. 1. Temperature issue still showing C no matter what I change in the English.ini. Yes I did copy the *.ini to another location then edit the file then drop it back into the folder. Checked to see if it was change and still the same Celsius reading. 2. WiseAssistantBoot Service just as boot monitor really not needed. Should make that option to run or not. Although on my Windows 8 Pro Tablet it did say boot-up was faster than it was under V2. Still I try to keep files on bootup a min. 3. System monitoring on my Windows 7 Laptop reports it to have only 4GB of RAM and it's not showing it
  8. Thanks for the update for Temperature issue! I'll install it and report back!
  9. I don't see any DPI issues on my end although I am on 1920x1080p HD 23-inch LED and also run Wise on 40 and 46-inch too. Those are the same 1920x1080p. I've attach an image from Windows 7. Everything runs find I do have to run the common cleaner 3 times to make sure it catches everything thus reducing non-clean items. Other cleaners report system is clean. Still about maybe about 10% Wise is not catching. Sure Windows will trash more junk data files processing in the background even after you clean the system. VRM and RAM really need to release the memory when cleaning where Wise seems to be s
  10. I just Ran V3 on Windows 8.1 Update 1 current patches. So far so good nice UI. Issue: Temp is only showing C and not F no option to change. WiseAssistantBoot still installs by default. My script will remove this from services. What I would suggest would be if you need to display the temp/monitor do it so when you launch the Wise 365 Care Pro or Free so it can display.(okay you have that feature but the temp needs to be in F or gives us a choice) Even though when you exit out of Wise Care 365 PRO Beta the 13% (49C) monitor still hanging around. That should be killed when you exi
  11. Hmm! I've just installed V2.99 and now you have V3. Okay but I might add I've made a small script to remove the WiseAssistantBoot from services. I don't see the need to have it default and installed on services. You should make that option doing installation. The major purpose we all here run your software is to speed-up Windows dirty habits that still go on today. I'll install the V3 on Windows 8 system see how it goes from there.. Thanks.
  12. Okay hmm I found this setting as you had described. I'll see how it goes. Thanks again!
  13. Okay I was still on V2.95 when I had reported this. I do have V2.96 thanks and I'll look into that setting.
  14. I use Wise 365 Care Pro but I still need to use additional cleaning programs. Why? Because Wise is still not cleaning certain key elements that need to be cleaned. MRU Cache is still not being cleaned! Run test on after you use Wise 365 Care Pro. Test the following programs: Free Windows Tuner v2.0.6 Slim Cleaner Free (this one adds apps cleaner like (kindle, evernote, kingsoft office suite junk data files) JetClean Pro V1.5.x I would like to run one program for cleaning makes it easy to keep the system running at peak performance. No matter what I've recommended Wise 365
  15. Wise 365 Care Pro is not cleaning up MRU Caches still remain present on the system.
  16. No problem! Does 2.65.205 have these changes I had implemented to you? Also Need to add the following browsers for clean-up Maxthon Cache Safari Cache FireFox Cache Ram/Clipboard Clean-up must be down in PC Checkup. I know you have applet included but it most might not use it so you should have it set for Auto Clean. Icon Cache Rebuild C:\Users\User-Name\AppData\Local\IconCache.db This one gets corrupted and in time won't display all icons on Windows OS. ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F DEL "%localappdata%\IconCache.db" /A shutdown /r /f /t 00
  17. I've been using this software along with some others types of cleaners but I would like to see more development in terms of that Wise 365 can do more. 1. Clear all the available RAM and Clipboard under PC Checkup 2. List the rest that needs to be done too opt out for those you do already: Windows Update Downloaded & Log Files * Account Temp Files for All Users LocalApplicationData Log Files ApplicationData SubItems Logs Microsoft .NET Framework Logs Windows Installer Temp Files Windows Folder Log Files ServiceProfiles Log Files Downloaded Installations Performance Log Files Drive
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