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    Pinkbus got a reaction from GalenPep in 6 Ways to Cooperate/Interact with Us   
    Well done very overdue, I sent a review to  press  at wisecleaner e mail address as I was unable to find any link to: "submit your own comments or review" link anywhere on wisecleaner homepage your product is excellent and invaluable, the amount of "clutter that is secreatly funnelled into your computer is enormous and unless you have an all encompassing programme like wisecleaner 365 pro,your computer does not behave exactly as YOU want it to.Thanks again.
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    Pinkbus reacted to april in Download latest Wise Care 365 directly   
    I know many users would like to download Wise Care 365 directly. 
    We do have a direct download link for our dear users 
    Check the link below please.
    Thank all you guys for supporting us and trusting us. We will  further improve our products and we are always at your service. 
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    Pinkbus reacted to WiseCleaner in Wise Disk Cleaner updated to newest version-7.86.556!   
    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for using Wise Disk Cleaner and your support to the product!

    We are keeping optimizing and adjusting new functions according to your ideas and suggestions!

    Now it’s time for the release of the newest version-7.86.556!

    What’s New:
    1, Interface zooming bug fixed. 2, Updated translations. 3, GUI and usability improvements.  
    Get it now: http://www.wiseclean...m/download.html
    Add us to Friends on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wisecleanersoft
    Add us to Friends on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/wisecleaner
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    Pinkbus reacted to april in A new function i like in Wise Care 365 2.65   
    A new function was added into Wise Care 365, that is  file shredder in context menu.
    It is very concenient, with the file shredder in the context menu, we can shred a file easily.
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    Pinkbus reacted to april in Wise Folder Hider - Unhide problem   
    JP is right, you can try  that way.
    Thank you for supporting our software.
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