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I need help cant access my webpage anymore




Operating system:Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 6051 MB

CPU: Intel® Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz

Drive Info:

C: 686.61 GB

D: 11.93 GB

Internet Explorer: 8.0

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1) Update your MSIE version to the latest one.
2) tools, internet options, advanced tab, untick use http 1.1, click ok.
Check if it works now. Otherwise, untick also Show friendly HTTP error messages.

Check the new error and report it here.
3) Press Windows key on your keyboard (and keep it pressed), then press R key, release the two keys (Windows + R), it will open the run window, type ncpa.cpl (press enter).
Right-click your active connection, properties, double-left-click internet protocol version 4, and check your DNSs.
4) Go into your router settings, check the DNSs.
5) Change your default username and password, inside your router settings, with more robust ones.
6) Launch sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt (it lasts 20-40minutes, Windows installation cd could be necessary) and report the final result here.
7) Try the softwares listed in Free tools (Anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-virus) that you could use to inspect your computer.

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