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  1. hi, here a few missing german translations on version 3.98 in section --> System Tuneup --> Systemoptimizer --> System Stability Disable automatical reboot when system encounters blue screen of death. Disable registry modification from a remote computer. (Deaktiviere automatischen Neustart, wenn der Blue Screen auftritt.) (Deaktiviere Registry-Änderungen von einem Remote-Computer.) --> System Speedup Optimize refresh policy of Windows file list. Speed up display speed of Taskbar Window Previews. (Optimiere Aktualisierungsrichtlinie für Windows-Datei-Liste.) (Beschleunige Anzeigeschnelligkeit der Taskleisten-Fenster-Vorschau.) --> Network Speedup Optimize LAN connection. Optimize DNS and DNS parsing speed. (Optimiere LAN-Verbindung.) (Optimiere DNS und DNS-Analyse-Geschwindigkeit.)
  2. wise care 365 does not use the original folder in start menu of the old installed version when installing a new version. the original folder was a custom setting by me. but in the new versions is this option seemingly does not exist... is this right? ps: screenshot is available in my post (by bilder-upload.eu) --> "http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=f0ebf5-1448028647.jpg" perhaps if you use ublock, it blocks the picture upload page... this is from another pic-upload-page:
  3. Hello, i have years ago installed wise care 365 and other tools from wise in a customized folder in start-menu. it calls "Programme-->Wise" but for some time I notice that this customized adaption no longer goes with each new version, when updating. after every updating ... wise care 365 creates a new entry in start-menu "wise care 365" but it should automaticly in "programme-->wise-->wise care 365" (the installpath is correct in this folder i installed the wise-tools) 1. = my old customized start-menu-entry chosen by first installation 2. = the new entry after updating (i have it manually deleted after every updating version)
  4. hallo rezloh74, hat sich schon etwas ergeben bei dir? besteht das problem noch?
  5. hi :-) can anyone tell me what was the last known version of wise care 365 for windows 2000 sp4 rollup 1 version 2? i have tried the version 2.99 it works fine, but at startup on windows 2000 comes a errormessage... befor monitoring the login screen.... similar follow error-message: "the entry point could not be found ..." i think its the startupbooster-service...
  6. hi ii have found a new free tool for video download from youtube - before known as "wise youtube downloader" a nice small tool, but without german translation yet.
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