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  1. Hi April :)

    It's great to hear you already have one in the queue.
    You are quite welcome :) The ideas regularly comes flying and lands in my head

    Now you shall not stress yourselves in these warm days, but it's nice that you are working on the case :)


    It has been a relaxing holiday with few chores until now.
    One gotta be careful not stress more than necessary


    I'll write you a PM....



  2. Hi Wise :)
    I had not really thought about it before now, but I get no weather information...

    Could it be that I live in the 'wrong' time zone or is there a solution?


    A shot in the dark: Could you put a time zone selection into the product?



  3. Hi anyone :)


    I think that Wise should create array of a product.

    Read further and see what I had in mind :)


    I may as well be honest regarding the logo. (jpg + gif)
    I opted for a pre-made logo from the ​​program AAA Logo

    and then I have removed / added a little here and there.
    With the colored circles I had it in a thought:

    Each color has its function.

    (Keep it in mind - The colors may Wise decide)


    Vision Player -The freeversion (+ audio)
    VisionHD Player - Pay version with more features
    Vision Converter- (check) Do we need a audio as well?
    Vision Video Downloader (check)

    Vision Burner - (Well.. It says it self, right?)

    Vision Maker - All in one-package...(The name alone embraces all products)


    What do you think about my crazy idea? :)

    (Please have it in mind, it's a long time process..)


    Have a terrific weekend to all of you who are interested, and of course to the Wise Group ;)






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