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    Wise Fastimizer is a free app that allows you to free up more storage space and speed up your Android's device by cleaning out junk files and killing redundant background tasks. Better yet, with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can clean up and optimize your device with few taps. It is a perfect and free solution for the Android devices that get bogged down or unstable, run slowly or out of storage space over time. Features of Wise Fastimizer: ►Free Up more Space - Junk File Cleanup Wise Fastimizer helps you reclaim storage space by removing temporary files left by system and apps. It lists apps with their cache size so you can quickly see those taking up the most space. It also displays the total and taken up internal storage space so you can see how much space you need to free up. ►Optimize and Speed Up - Memory Boost It can Clean background processes, kill tasks to free up more memory and so boost the speed of your Android device. It also lists apps with their respective memory size they take up and displays the total and used memory. ►Simple and Intuitive Optimize your Android device with 2 or 3 taps Concise and user-friendly interface makes it super easy to use Absolutely free of charge and ad-free -- Supported languages: English Join our Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/101203872933854573255 Web site: http://mobile.wisecleaner.com/
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    The product looks promising! But the program does not show my upload/download speed.
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    Free Wise Care 365 Pro License Key Offered! Dear users, Have you tried this newly released Wise Care 365 - 3.0 Beta? How does it feel? Despite the fact that we put a lot of work into this new version, there might be some errors or bugs you found in the process of using it. To encourage more users to report the errors of this Beta version, we will give those who report the errors or bugs free license keys of Wise Care 365 as a reward. Please email support@wisecleaner.com to report the errors (With Screenshots will be better), we will send you an email with free key of Wise Care 365 Pro, if you are already a Pro version user, we will extend your expiry date. If you don't like the software, we can give you free keys of Wise Video Converter Pro( a video converter tool). The valid date of the key may vary from 3 months to lifetime depending on the errors or bugs you report. We need your advice so that we can modify our product. Thank you!
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    Good to know that now is working. You can search video in WVD without browser.
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    Still does not work. Tried cntl c and cntr v with youtube url. Did not close browser. The message I get is: "Error, please input correct youtube url of video".
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