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Wise Folder Hider - Hiding Problem

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Hi !

I have downloaded Wise Folder Hider and installed it !

I succesfully hide my folder with Wise Folder Hider

But, when I open my unhide folder then I close the Wise Folder Hider program and it says "Location not avaible......."


I think it's no problem, I open Wise Folder Hider program again and MY FOLDER IS NOT DISPLAYED.

I close the Wise Folder Hider program and  I open Wise Folder Hider program again,  MY FOLDER IS STILL NOT DISPLAYED.

Then, I restart my PC, open the Wise Folder Hider again.  MY FOLDER IS STILL NOT DISPLAYED.


Where is my folder going ???


I try to use Wise Data Recovery, but it's only recovery my half data of my Folder...


Please help me....  :(  :(  :( 

Sorry for my bad English



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From what you wrote i understand that you unhide or open??? the folder and not close that folder in explorer...> that means that it is in use > so that folder is not display because is not hidden... that is what I think.


Unhide mean that is not hidden anymore > so the folder is not shown in WFH

Open is mean that you can work on that folder and after you close the folder and WFH >open WFH and you will see that folder


If you know the name of the files/folder you can use everything (http://www.voidtools.com/) to search your files/folders.


if the folder is not hidden it will show you were it is but if it is hidden it will show you the name of the folder and at the location something like 0000 > this mean is hidden. > if it is hidden you must know the password...


Another possibility is that the hidden folder is on external hdd and so only if you connect it (hdd) you wil see it on WFH. (if it was hidden).


I hope that from what i wrote it will help you to solve your issue.

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