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Wise Codec Fixer

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Hello, I have a new idea for something that can be very useful, because lot of people has problems with codecs. A codec fixer, repairer tool. Something like the Codec Tweak Tool but more easier to use with a layout similar with all the Wise Cleaner products:



Codec Tweak Tool is a fast and effective solution in case you are experimenting some playing errors on your computer, such as sound loss or not being able to render a certain media file format.


  • Scan the registry to detect and remove broken references to codecs and filters.
  • Generate a detailed log of all installed codecs and filters.
  • Enable/disable more than 250 popular codecs and filters (if they are installed).
  • Manage preferred source filters (a.k.a. splitters).
  • Reset settings.
  • Backup and restore settings.
  • Adjust preferred decoders on Windows 7/8.
  • Various tweaks for disabling MS codecs on Windows 7/8.




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