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How to cancel printer jobs have sent to printer?


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  After you've sent one or more documents to a printer, you can display the print queue through the Windows Notification area and selectively cancel print jobs in the queue. If the document you want to cancel is currently printing but doesn't appear in the print queue, it means that Windows already sent the document to the printer, which is holding it in memory. Cancel the document using the printer buttons or power cycle the printer to clear the document from its memory.




o    1

Double-click the printer icon in the Notification area on the taskbar to display the print queue for the printer.


o    2

Click to highlight the print job you want to cancel, choose "Document' and select "Cancel" from the menu.



o    3

Select "Printer" and "Cancel All Documents" to cancel your print jobs and any other print jobs that your security settings allow you to cancel.



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