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dear wise pc 1st aid team i wonder can you tell me is malware byte good on highly infected pc

can it be trusted?




Operating system:Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:Windows

Available physical memory: 3959 MB

CPU: Intel® Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz

Drive Info:

C: 687.24 GB

D: 11.30 GB

Internet Explorer: 11.0

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I am not an employee of Wise Care, but I have used MalwareBytes Antimalware (MBAM) for some time now.  It is probably the best antimalware program out there, in my opinion.  It can be trusted; however, if a computer is seriously infected, you will need more than MBAM.  I would recommend that you google Malwarebytes Forums and register there.  They have a dedicated Forum to aid users in removing infections, as well as technical support.  It can be quite a job to clean up a seriously infected computer and restore it to health.  I did a clean up for a client a few weeks ago and it took three days to eradicate everything and restore her operating system to health.


Hope this helps.  Have a great day.




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