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Recurring Issues

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I've narrow those down to daily issues to these System Tuneup.


PC Health (daily) under Windows 7 64-bit


clearing windows page file to speed up PC Shutdown

What's happen apps don't close and the system hangs 


To fix as to be run as admin every time to shutdown the PC when Wise Care 365 triggers this line

Of course now I have disable the above trigger to cause all of this extra  over riding.. 


Run as the Admin 

taskkill /f /im ccc.exe (amd)
taskkill /f /im mom.exe (amd)
taskkill /f /im KHALMNPR.exe (logitech)
taskkill /f /im setpoint.exe (logitech)
taskkill /f /im wmpnetwk.exe (microsoft media network shares)
taskkill /f /im wisetray.exe (wise care 365)

boost the speed of aero peek display

This one above most other programs have this disabled, but why is Wise Care 365 always en enabling it back. This is optional to enable. I don't see much speed boost enabling it. 


Wise Tray is always running even if I disable it just popup on it's own.

This one running on it's own showing up where it shouldn't be. Don't say it's needed for the app to run correctly. Yes I can understand that when the app is running. I expect it to be out of memory when I shut it down on Exit. Still turns up later. 

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