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There are a few more clues to why the latest version still not catching everything on the system at 100%. With the current improvements we're getting closer to that mark. I've attached some issues and what I am seeing with MS-DDS and DRM where if you set it to safe the software still reports and error.  MS Animal-ware still not catching there files.


Windows 7 Firewall Control 64-bit (Companion to Windows 7/8 Firewall) by Sphinx-software (doesn't seem to be supported) 

Spyware Blaster V5 (this manages HOST, Bad-IPs and Cookies)  (doesn't seem to be supported or it's updates)

Paint.Net V3 (doesn't seem to be supported)

ARC software doesn't seem to be supported by Perfect World Entertainment Inc (online gaming)


Are they're any plains to support cookies like a manager would be great. Cookies listing I know the program cleans them but how about lettings us add to safe cookie list and then the software can remove what we deem as not-safe.


Common Cleaner


Traces In Computer

Windows Searching History

Network Drive Mapping History

Taskbar Jump List 


By default these are not selected they should be selected by default.


Other Applications

Java is not selected by should be selected by default.








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