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How to Fix an Image Mastering API Error ?

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The Image Mastering API is an interface used to allow disc-authoring applications to communicate with your disc-burning hardware and the Windows operating system. In Windows, the Image Mastering API resources and instructions are located in dynamic link library files. When an application attempts to send IMAPI instructions, the instructions in these DLL files are used. If an error occurs while trying to author a disc, rebuild these files using the System File Checker utility.




o    1

Save your work and restart your computer. Hold down your “F8” key continuously during startup.


o    2

Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and press “Enter.” This runs Command Prompt in a full window.


o    3

Type “CD C:\Windows\System32” and press the “Enter” key to make the System32 folder the active directory.


o    4

Enter each of the commands below one at a time to unregister the Image Mastering API module.

Regsvr32 /u /s imapi.dll
Regsvr32 /u /s imapi2.dll
Regsvr32 /u /s imapi2fs.dll


o    5

Type each command below one at a time to rename the Image Mastering API module files.

Ren imapi.dll imapi.bak
Ren imapi2.dll imapi2.bak
Ren imapi2fs.dll imapi2fs.bak


o    6

Input the following commands individually to run the System File Checker utility to replace the Image Mastering API module files.

SFC /scanfile=imapi.dll
SFC /scanfile=imapi2.dll
SFC /scanfile=imapi2fs.dll


o    7

Type “CD Drivers” and press “Enter” to change the active directory to the Drivers folder.


o    8

Type “SFC /scanfile=cdrom.sys” and press “Enter” to run the System File Checker on the CDROM.sys file.


o    9

Type “Shutdown –r –t 01” and press “Enter” to restart the computer.



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