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2 operating systems on 1 HDD

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Hello altogether,


I purchased a new PC with WIN8 (64-bit) preinstalled.

Up and until now I´ve used a laptop with WIN7 Home Premium (64-bit). With the help of O&O DiskImage Professional 7 I´ve created a system image backup (OS, installed programmes..... everything).

This programme supports M.I.R. (Machine Independent Restoration), which means that the image can be restored to a different hardware environment (altered motherboard, cpu ...).

What I´d  like to do now is to restore this backup to my new PC but without having to get rid of my installed WIN8.

I´d very much like to have the choice of two installed operating systems.

In order to achieve this goal I thought I might be able to do the following:


1.) create a new partition (sufficiently big enough for my WIN7 backup) with EaseUs Partition Master

2.) install my WIN7 backup to this partition

3.) configure the bootloader with EasyBCD so that it´ll be able to handle two different operating systems.


I wonder whether it really works this way.

Perhaps anyone can tell me what he or she thinks of it. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Many thanks in advance




My BIOS is an UEFI-system.

My first thought was to switch to "CSM enabled"  and opt for "UEFI+Legacy" in order not to encounter any difficulties with either of the 2 operating systems.



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